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iMAGE Portal

Quick Overview

Perennity iMAGE Portal is a DICOM web viewer.  View, forward, or download DICOM studies to a WEB browser, tablet or smartphone. Integrates with AccessBox or installed as a plug-in to Perennity DICOM software.

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Allows Perennity DICOM to send studies to the iMAGE DICOM viewer.  Functions as an online DICOM image viewer.  Users can view DICOM studies using a WEB browser, tablet or smartphone. License is based on concurrent users.  Integrates with all AccessBox models or installed as a plug-in to Perennity DICOM.

  • View:  DICOM images, videos and reports are uploaded to the iMAGE Portal server directly from modalities, workstations or PACS. Once uploaded, Patients and Professionals will get instant access to their studies.
  • Diagnose:  The user-friendly web based viewer will show the studies that can be manipulated using an enhanced set of tools..
  • Download/Forward:  Images can be downloaded in either native DICOM format or as JPEG (images) or MP4 (video) files. They can also be forwarded to a DICOM workstation or even PACS.
  • Share:  The institution managing the iMAGE Portal can register as Patients and Doctors as users of the iMAGE Portal. Once the relationship between a Patient and his Doctor is set, all future studies will automatically be accessible to both of them.
Requirements: iMAGE Portal hosting
  • AccessBox
  • Accessbox Virtual
  • Perennity DICOM Level 2 or 3 version 5.x or higher
Client support
  • Internet Explorer 6-11
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Virtual Server

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