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DICOM Level 1A

Quick Overview

Perennity DICOM is a powerful software solution that automates Patient CD, DVD and USB output (recording and printing). Integrates with many types of DICOM viewers. DICOM Level 1A outputs Patient CD.

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Perennity Dicom offers a turnkey solution for the medical industry to output examination data from any DICOM compliant modality or PACS to CD, DVD, BluRay and/or USB. It substantially reduces production costs compared to traditional film. It offers all the functionality - Patient CD, Image Archiving & Upload - of competing products at just a fraction of the cost. Can control multiple, mixed brands, USB connected autoloaders with ONE PC (contact Perennity for PC specifications)
  • Function: Outputs Patient CD
  • 100% DICOM Compliant: Perennity DICOM works with any DICOM compliant modalities and the PACS systems. Images are sent to our DICOM server using the network.
  • Output:  CD, DVD & Bluray discs production is automated thanks to an autoloader (robot). It also prints a custom label with Patient & study information.
  • View:  Perennity DICOM works with any DICOM viewer. Review your images using any web browser using the full-featured Perennity iMAGE Portal (available as an option).
  • Workflow:  Thanks to its powerful Profiles, Perennity DICOM can automatically apply different settings based on defined criteria e.g. using a different viewer for a specific modality.
  • Patient CD output DICOM images are sent from a modality, PACS or workstation to be output to a Patient CD.
  • Weasis DICOM viewer for Windows, Mac & Linux User friendly DICOM viewer for Windows, Mac & Linux. JAVA is required on the local computer.
  • DICOM Store DICOM images are sent from a modality, PACS or workstation using the DICOM Store services.
  • Keep images for archiving DICOM images that have been sent to Perennity can be kept for archiving for defined number of days or for ever.
  • Off-line archive mode Dicom images stored in Perennity are output to CD/DVD automatically every day, week or month for backup or off-line archiving purpose.
  • Web interface Supervise, manage and control your jobs using a web browser. Works also with a touchscreen.
  • Multilingual Perennity is available in English, French, German Spanish, Brzazilian Portuguese, Chinese and Dutch.
  • Query/Retrieve from PACS DICOM images can be queried and retrieved from any PACS using the Perennity DICOM Burner and output to CD.
  • Upgrade to Perennity DICOM and save up to 50% off of list price by replacing your existing system with Perennity DICOM!
  • Verify eligibility by Requesting a Quote (see above for the RFQ button).

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