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DICOM Level 1B

Quick Overview

Perennity DICOM is a powerful software solution that automates Patient CD, DVD and USB output (recording and printing). Integrates with many types of DICOM viewers. DICOM Level 1B delivers Archive capability.

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Perennity Dicom offers a turnkey solution for the medical industry to output examination data from any DICOM compliant modality or PACS to CD, DVD, BluRay and/or USB. It substantially reduces production costs compared to traditional film. It offers all the functionality - Patient CD, Image Archiving & Upload - of competing products at just a fraction of the cost. Can control multiple, mixed brands, USB connected autoloaders with ONE PC (contact Perennity for PC specifications)!
  • Function: Archive capability
  • 100% DICOM Compliant: Perennity DICOM works with any DICOM compliant modalities and the PACS systems. Images are sent to our DICOM server using the network.
  • Output:  CD, DVD & Bluray discs production is automated thanks to an autoloader (robot). It also prints a custom label with Patient & study information.
  • View:  Perennity DICOM works with any DICOM viewer. Review your images using any web browser using the full-featured Perennity iMAGE Portal (available as an option).
  • Workflow:  Thanks to its powerful Profiles, Perennity DICOM can automatically apply different settings based on defined criteria e.g. using a different viewer for a specific modality.
  • DICOM Store DICOM images are sent from a modality, PACS or workstation using the DICOM Store services.
  • Keep images for archiving DICOM images that have been sent to Perennity can be kept for archiving for defined number of days or for ever.
  • Web interface Supervise, manage and control your jobs using a web browser. Works also with a touchscreen.
  • Multilingual Perennity is available in English, French, German Spanish, Brzazilian Portuguese, Chinese and Dutch.
  • Perennity as Query/Retrieve SCP DICOM images stored in Perennity can be queried and retrieved from DICOM workstations or any other DICOM tool using DICOM Query/Retrieve services.
  • Bypass (no patient CD) The DICOM images are stored in Perennity for archiving purpose but no patient CD is produced.
  • Image forwarding Dicom images are automatically forwarded from Perennity to an other SCP (Dicom workstation, PACS, …). Some criteria based on the value of Dicom tags may apply as forwarding rules.
  • Upgrade to Perennity DICOM and save up to 50% off of list price by replacing your existing system with Perennity DICOM!
  • Verify eligibility by Requesting a Quote (see above for the RFQ button).

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