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AccessBox Standalone 5

Quick Overview

Perennity AccessBox Standalone is a genuine DICOM Server acting as a mini-PACS delivering a unique combination of a medical image transfer and routing.

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The Perennity AccessBox includes a self-Contained Secure DICOM Server & DICOM Router and internal 1TB of local HDD storage extendable using any NAS, Silent Cube, or remote storage. It also includes an unlimited, "Peer to Peer" type secure, fast, and efficient transfer of lossless compressed images. It is designed for low bandwidth connections, thus overcoming unstable internet connections. The AccessBox, as an appliance, fits from small to large environments like imaging centers, clinics, private radiologist facilities equipped with up to five modalities. It includes a single-user demo iMAGE PORTAL to review, forward, and download stored & transferred images through any browser, tablet and smartphone. A single AccessBox can support up to 5 concurrent iMAGE PORTAL users.
  • Transfer your images:  Securely exchange studies between Imaging & Diagnostic centers, clinics, hospitals and radiologists. No VPN or cloud services required. Send a Mammo study (4 images - 100MB) is less than 2 minutes across a regular Internet connection.
  • Local Storage/Archive:  Use the AccessBox as a genuine DICOM server to store, query & retrieve your DICOM images and reports.
  • Secure your images:  Replicate your studies and extend the storage capacity of the AccessBox using any local NAS or any cloud repository.
  • Publish your images:  The AccessBox embeds a full-featured DICOM WEB viewer. Review your images using Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS and Android through the Perennity iMAGE Portal (available as an option).

  • AccessBox Standalone - 5 concurrent users iMAGE Portal
  • Out-of-the-box appliance with 1TB integrated storage capacity.
  • Adviced for up to 5 DICOM nodes i.e. modalities/workstations.