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Nexcopy USB Copy Protection

Quick Overview

Nexcopy USB Copy Protection a secure solution for protecting content on flash drives. Request a quotation.

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Nexcopy develops several types of USB copy protection solutions. Our #1 goal is creating a secure solution to protect Content Owner information. The #2 goal is providing that solution in a stand-alone, off line, environment.
  • Working files cannot be copied off the drive.
  • The content can be viewed, but it cannot be copied or shared.
  • Data and files cannot be deleted off the drive or formatted off the drive.
  • All content is locked at the controller level.
  • Files cannot be printed.
  • Restrict printing of PDF files, html files, text files and more. It is also possible to copy protect a file, yet have it printable.
  • Users cannot select content from from one document and copy-n-paste it to another. Ideal for blocking a “select all” copy and paste from with in a PDF.
  • Copy Secure technology blocks screen grabs on Mac computers and print screens on Windows computers.
  • Expire files at a specific date and time.  Ideal for subscription based applications or school courses.
  • Copy Secure technology is a standalone solution. Everything runs directly off the flash drive. No internet connection is required.
  • Our technology is the only solution which works on both Mac and Windows computers. Minimum operating systems do apply.
  • There is no software which installs on the host computer. Protected content runs 100% from the flash drive. Administrator rights are not required because nothing is installed on the host computer. Ideal solution for large corporations and government agencies.
Nexcopy offers USB media in USB 2.0, and USB 3.0.