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Disc Markets

Disc Markets

Optical disc publishing systems for bulk CD duplication provide a secure method of accessing, transferring, protecting, and archiving digital information of all types. Optical discs offer cost and security advantages, benefiting Medical Imaging, Law Enforcement, Financial, and Ministry disc publishing system markets.

Perennity DICOM software plus a disc publisher is the perfect solution to automate the production of patient discs at medical imaging centers. Perennity Archive software plus a desktop disc publisher is an optimum archival solution for law enforcement agency and financial institutions.

As with all of Summation Technology’s products, our bulk CD duplication systems are efficient and competitively priced. These machines are perfect for key disc publishing system markets that transmit confidential information. If you have any questions about any of our products, please call Summation Technology at (888) 340-3738.


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  1. Allegro 100

    Allegro 100

    Rimage Allegro 100 desktop systems offer convenient, affordable, high-quality disc publishing. Includes Free Shipping and ink cartridge. Affordable inkjet printing offers a wide range of colors resulting in vivid graphics and sharp, easy-to-read text. The Allegro 100 has a 100 disc capacity. Learn More
  2. 8300N with Everest Encore

    Producer 8300N with Processing, Everest Encore

    Rimage Producer V 8300N disc publisher with Embedded Processing, Everest Encore printer and 4 DVD/CD burners. Click REQUEST FOR QUOTE button for best price. Learn More
  3. DICOM Level 2

    DICOM Level 2

    Perennity DICOM is powerful DICOM CD Burner software that automates Patient CD, DVD and USB output (recording and printing).  Perennity DICOM integrates with Rimage, Epson, and Primera CD and DVD burners and printers.  Perennity DICOM also integrates with all industry standard DICOM Viewers.

    Learn More
  4. iMAGE Portal

    iMAGE Portal

    Perennity iMAGE Portal is a DICOM web viewer.  View, forward, or download DICOM studies to a WEB browser, tablet or smartphone. Integrates with AccessBox or installed as a plug-in to Perennity DICOM software.

    Learn More
  5. AccessBox - Standalone

    AccessBox Standalone

    Perennity AccessBox Standalone is a genuine DICOM Server acting as a mini PACS delivering a unique combination of a DICOM image transfer and routing. The AccessBox includes a self-Contained Secure DICOM Server & DICOM Router and internal 1TB of local HDD storage. Learn More
  6. AccessBox software is hosted on a Synology Embedded RAID (Not Included)

    AccessBox Embedded

    Perennity AccessBox Embedded software is a genuine DICOM Server acting as a mini-PACS delivering a unique combination of a medical image transfer and routing. AccessBox Embedded is hosted on a Synology NAS system. Learn More
  7. Runs on a Microsoft Windows 2016 server (Not Included)

    AccessBox Enterprise

    Perennity AccessBox Enterprise software is a genuine DICOM Server acting as a mini-PACS delivering a unique combination of a medical image transfer and routing. AccessBox Enterprise is hosted on a MS Windows Server. Learn More
  8. Summit USB Duplicator


    SummitUSB31 is a thirty-one target, stand-alone duplication system. The tower copies portable USB storage drives and external USB Hard Drives without the use of a computer. Learn More
  9. SuperScope PSD450mkII

    SuperScope PSD450mkII

    SuperScope PSD450mkII records multiple audio file formats to 16 GB or 32 GB Solid State Drive, CD or USB Flash Drive. Includes Free Shipping. Learn More
  10. SummitPro07


    The SummitPro07 is a standalone seven burner, CD and DVD duplicator with an intuitive user interface and internal 250GB hard drive for masters. The rugged case and plenty of cooling fans keep the burners running strong. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 38 total

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