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The SummitSecure03 is a standalone three burner, CD and DVD duplicator with an intuitive user interface. The SummitSecure series delivers DVD content protection.

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The SummitSecure series DVD Duplicator features hardware-based copy protection that discourages unauthorized duplication of video DVD's. SummitSecure Duplicators are the perfect solution for independent film-makers, event videographers; video production professionals and other creative artists that need to distribute digital video content and not allow it to be copied. You do not need a computer or proprietary software to create copy-protected discs with this duplicator, so there are no royalty payments to worry about or any type of software licensing fees.
Our advanced SummitSecure technology embeds copy protection during the duplication process, making them virtually impossible to copy using a computer or another duplicator. Discs duplicated in a Summit Secure Duplicator will play back just like any other disc when played in DVD Players.

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