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Labeler, Folder & Tabber   $11,898

CD Hopper Option   $2590
CD Spine Tabber Option   $1863
Extended Warranty   $Call
The universal VS350 will apply labels to a wide variety of products at up to 4000 pieces per hour! The VS350 can label VHS cassettes, CD envelopes, CD jewel cases, audio cassettes, in fact any product with a flat surface to maximum height of 2" (50mm) and width of 8.3" (210mm). Labels can be in either fan fold or reel format. The VS350 can be used as a standalone unit or incorporated in a production conveyor line. Multiple units can be placed in line to form a complete tabbing, labeling and bar coding system. Labeling: The VS350 can apply product, promotional or bar code labels to any size of package up to 2" (50mm) High, 8.3" (210mm) wide, and any length. The versatile VS350 can use paper or plastic labels or tabs with clear or solid backgrounds Flap Folding: The VS350 automatically folds the flaps of paper and tyvek CD sleeves and will also add a label tab to fasten down the flap. Sleeve & Jewel Case Hopper: The VS350 hopper can dispense paper, plastic and tyvek CD sleeves plus CD jewel cases. The hopper holds 220 typical paper sleeves or 34 jewel cases and can be refilled while the unit is running. With the addition of the CD sleeve hopper, feeder and folder the VS350 becomes an automatic flap folder. This option will dispense CD sleeves with and without flaps and also CD jewel cases Sleeve and Jewel Case Tabber: The tabber option allows the VS350 to apply and fold sealing tabs/labels round the edge of CD jewel cases and open ends of cardboard sleeves. The tabs/labels can be paper or plastic, clear or solid. Label Printer: A Zebra 170PZX/2 Thermal Printer can be used to produce labels as they are required by the labeler.



- Label CD sleeves, jewel cases and DVD cases
- Fit security tabs to jewel cases and sleeves
- CD sleeve Flap Folder
- High throughput - up to 4000 per hour
- Fits any conveyor line In-line printer option
- Optional Auto Feeder for CD Jewel Boxes and Sleeves
- Optional Spine Tabber for Applying a Security tab around the opening edge of Jewel Boxes and Cardboard Sleeves
- Suitable for Labeling Video and Audio Cassettes
- Optional In-Line Label Printer
- Adjustable to Apply Labels or Tabs to any Position

Weight: 57lbs (26kg), Tabber option: 4lbs (2kg), Hopper option: 22lbs (10kg)
Dimensions: Length: 29.72" (755mm), Height: 20.5" (520mm), Width: 21.26" (540mm)
Max Package Dimensions Accepted: Length: No Limit. Height: 2" (50mm), Width: 8.3" (210mm)
Belt Speed: 7.9ips or 200mmps
Throughput: 5000 to 7000 per hour (depending on package size)
Operational Voltage: 110V to 230 self adjusting
Printer Option: Zebra 170PAX/2 Thermal Printer with mounting hardware
Roll or Fanfold: Roll size: up to 9.8" (250mm), (Mandrin): 1.6"x3 (40mm or 76mm) with adapter
Warranty: 12 months back to base, all parts and labor included.Call for Extended Warranty and Comprehensive on site cover options.