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Trilogy CD Printer
3-in-1 Autoloasding Disc Printer  $17,999

Automated Disc Label Printing
The Trilogy DVD Printer delivers automated, on-disc printing of up to 600 CDs or DVDs or BD's. Fitted with three of the industry’s leading inkjet printers, the OptiPrinter Pro, the Trilogy’s robotic arm transfers discs from the input spindles directly into the printers for printing. Once complete, discs are removed to the output spindles. The combination of three printers with a 600 disc capacity enables long and continuous operation. Approximately 600 discs can be printed (at standard quality) in five hours. Printing starts to take place as soon as the disc is placed into the printer drawer. Asynchronous printing ensures maximum productivity at all times.

600 Disc Capacity
The Trilogy Blu-ray Printer has a massive 600 disc capacity. Three spindles, each holding 200 discs sit on a revolving turntable so that when one spindle of discs has been exhausted the turntable automatically positions the next spindle of discs ready to print. Up to three different print jobs can be processed by the Trilogy in any one unattended session using the batch operation feature. Print jobs will run concurrently. What’s more, the catch mechanism on the robotic arm holds discs by the centre hole edge ensuring that the disc’s print surface will not be touched, delivering professional, full-face printed discs.

The Trilogy is connected to a PC via a USB cable and one D-sub 9-pin (RS-232C) cable. With the user friendly software interface it is easy to send print files (PRNs) to the Trilogy.

Print Quality
The OptiPrinter Pro features HPs’ unique PhotoREt IV colour-layering technology which is able to deliver vivid, true-to-life photos. HP PhotoREt IV controls the placement of the 6-inks more precisely than ever before. The outstanding print quality is also achieved through the clever design of the drawer mechanism, which holds the discs in place to such a high degree of accuracy, that the finest inkjet printing can take place. The drawer mechanism’s superior in/out tray also allows for fast printing speeds. The OptiPrinter Pro uses standard HP colour , photo and black ink cartridges for the most cost effective printing possible. Designed to meet specifically the requirements of professional duplicators whose customers expect immediate fulfillment of “on demand” orders.

12 months back to base, all parts and labour included. Print heads are warranted for 30 days only.



- Three OptiPrinter Pro inkjet printers
- Massive 600 disc capacity
- Long, continuous operation
- Incredible 4800 dpi print resolution
- Uses standard HP ink cartridges
- Includes easy to use graphics software, Discus
- Windows compatible ¥ Batch operation – continuous production of up to 3 different print jobs
- Low ink warning feature

Function: Print Only
Media Handling: 120mm Inkjet printable CDs and DVDs
Print Quality:
- Print Time per Disc *
--Normal: Approx. 30 seconds
-- Best: Approx. 60 seconds
-- Max: Approx. 180 seconds
- No. Printed Discs per Hour**
-- Normal: Approx. 135
-- Best: Approx. 120
-- Max: Approx. 50
* The test data has a picture that covers the whole surface of the disc. Printing time will differ according to the picture to be printed.
** Number of printed discs per hour with three printers used and disc transfer time of the mechanism assumed to be 25 seconds per disc.
No. of Disc printable by One set of Cartridges:
-- Normal: Approx. 470
-- Best: Approx. 410
-- Max: Approx. 400
No. of Disc at which printer warns low ink Normal:
-- Approx. 470
-- Best: Approx. 410
-- Max: Approx. 400
- Dual Ink Cartridges
-- HP 56 Black Cartridge (C6656)
-- HP 57 Tri-Colour Cartridge (C6657)
-- HP 58 Photo Cartridge (C6658)
Note: Black & Tri-colour cartridges can be fitted to give 4-ink printing (CMKY) or Tri-colour & Photo cartridges can be fitted to give 6-ink printing (CMYKLCLM)
Graphics Software Included: Discus
Minimum System Requirements:
CPU: Celeron 2Ghz, 128 Mb memory
Port: USB 2.0 and RS-232C (If a notebook PC that does not have a RS-232C port is used, a serial-USB cable may ne used. (A serial USB converting cable UC-SGT from ELECOM is recommended. However, Verity Systems cannot guarantee the proper operation with this converter).
Operating System:
Windows XP Pro/Home Edition SP2 Interface/Connectivity: USB 2.0 cable (for print data transfer) and D-sub 9-pin RS-232C cable (for communication with the sequencer PC board in the disc transfer robot).
Dimensions (WxHxD): 29.9 x 30.1 x 31.5" 760 x 765 x 800 mm
Weight: 167.6lbs (76kg) including 3 printers
Voltage: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Operation: PC Required - user supplied