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1(52x) Writer* w/No HDD    $179 BUY
3(52x) Writers w/80GB HDD    $465 BUY
7(52x) Writers w/80GB HDD    $647 BUY
(*1-Drive has no HD Option Available)

2nd Year Warranty*   $CALL

*Warrranty Must Be Purchased Within
30 Days of Original Purchase

The TEAC CD Duplicators are stand-alone disc-to-disc CD-R Duplication systems CDW-D11, CDW-D13, and CDW-D17 require no PC Connection. With the numerous menu commands, optional hard disk drive, TEAC's Tower Series CD-R duplicators offer the best solution for production level CD-R Duplication requirements today. If fitted with the optional hard disk drive, data can be stored allowing quick retrieval and duplication of your CDs. The systems also Verify, and will Copy / Compare discs that are duplicated. TEAC's new line of CD-R Duplicators have been specifically designed to meet the growing demand for operators wishing to duplicate small to medium quantities of CDs by the most cost-effective way. The Tower systems offer high-performance, high-speed duplication at 52X speeds. There is no need to load extra software or attach any cables to your PC. No extra time is needed to set up the TEAC Tower units, as the towers completely function as stand-alone units. OPTIONAL 80GB HARD DRIVE!

We also carry a complete line of DVD Duplicators and Blu-ray Duplicators.

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- High-Performance and Fast Record Speeds
- No Software or PC Connection Required
- Easy-to-Use LCD Display Menu for quick operations
- Multiple Sub-Functions to Customize Your System
- Internal Hard Drive Option for Master Image Library
- Continuous Copying-cool down periods not required
- Media Speed Auto Detect
- Optional 80GB Hard Drive

Hard Drive Options:
- 1x3: 80GB
- 1x7: 80GB
- 1x10 80GB
- 1x1 without HD: 11.65 lbs
- 1x3 without HD: 22lbs
- 1x3 with HD: 23.5lbs
- 1x7 without HD: 37lbs
- 1x7 with HD: 38.5lbs
- 1x10 (coming soon)
- 1x1: 6.7" H x 7.5" W x 11.2" D
- 1x3: 10.5" H x 7.5" W x 17.25" D
- 1x7: 17.25" H x 7.5" W x 18" D
- 1x10 (coming soon)
CD Recorders: TEAC 52x32x52
CD-RW Drive Interface: IDE/ATAPI
Read Speed: 52X
Write Speed:
- CD-R: 52x
- CD-RW: 32x
Drive Buffer Size: 2MB
System Buffer Size: 8MB
Supported Discs: CD-R, CD-RW 8cm/12cm, card discs
Supported Formats: CD-ROM Mode-1; Mode-2 CD-DA; CD-ROM/XA, Game CD Mix Mode Multi-session, HFS CD Bridge, CD Extra, CD+G (Karaoke), CD-R, CD-RW, Photo and Video CDs (slower speed)
System Control: Copy and Search Buttons
System Display: LCD Panel; LED Indicator
Write Method: Auto Detect (DAO, TAO)
Operation Mode: Copy, Test, Scan, Compare
Firmware Upgrade: Via CD-ROM
Power Supply: AC Input 115-230V (manual switch)
Agency Certification: UL, FCC