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10 years selling Blu-ray Duplicator Copier SummitProBlu assembled in USA from imported parts
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SATA Blu-ray DVD CD Duplicator series

Duplicator Made by ISO-9001 Certified Manufacturer!
SummitProBlu Blu-ray CD DVD Duplicator
(Enclosure size varies per # of burners.
10 burner 1 reader system shown above)
12X Blu-ray Duplication Speed /
DVD Duplication Speed / 48X CD Duplication Speed
SummitProBlu 2-Burner Duplicator 
SummitProBlu 3-Burner Duplicator 
SummitProBlu 4-Burner Duplicator 
SummitProBlu 5-Burner Duplicator 
SummitProBlu 6-Burner Duplicator 
SummitProBlu 7-Burner Duplicator 
SummitProBlu 8-Burner Duplicator 
SummitProBlu 9-Burner Duplicator 
SummitProBlu 10-Burner Duplicator 
SummitProBlu 11-Burner Duplicator 
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CD DVD BD Duplicator U.S. Based,
Quick Response

The SummitProBlu series Blu-ray Duplicator is an intuitive, competitively priced, standalone Duplication System made by an ISO-9001 Certified Manufacturer to assure the highest quality and reliability. This duplicator series has integrated Blu-ray/DVD/CD burners that have the highest Blu-ray burn speeds available and the highest Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) in the industry! The SummitProBlu duplicator series also has a high-precision Blu-ray/DVD/CD reader capable of reading the most popular formats. This duplicator is protected by a rugged case and plenty of cooling fans to keep your burners running strong.

The SummitProBlu duplicator comes standard with enough internal memory to store up to 450* masters.
Duplicating from a stored master is the most reliable way to duplicate. Systems without internal storage must re-read the master optically each batch, which increases the chance for optical read errors. The SummitProBlu duplicator storage memory may also be used to create Disc-at-once Custom Music CD compilations. Order the optional USB 2.0 port so you can access one of the integrated burners to burn a master disc direct from your PC!

*450 700MB CD masters or 90 4.7GB DVD masters or 17 Blu-ray masters. Upgrades available.

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- Worry free Blu-ray/DVD/CD Duplication
- Fast 12x Blu-ray burn speed
- 100,000 POH MTBF!
- 128MB Controller Buffer
- 500GB Hard Drive
- Optional USB port for mastering from PC
- High Precision Reader
- Automatic master format detection
- Automatic media type detection
- Simultaneous tray-close on job start
- Pass/Fail Counter
- Adjustable read/write speeds
- Functions: Test, Copy, Compare, Copy &
   Compare, Verify, Erase (RW), Load.
- Copy types: Disc-to-disc, DAO Custom
   Music CD, Ring Protection Override.
- Advanced Bad Sector Skip Control
- Intuitive Image Manager for HDD
   interaction & control.
- Dynamic HDD partitioning for maximum
   use of space.
- Firmware Upgradable via CD
- Manufactured in ISO9001 Facility
- Lifetime U.S. Based Tech Support
- 1 year parts & labor warranty
- Warranty: 3yrs labor & 2yrs parts on
   controller, 2yr labor & 1yr parts on
   all other components!

SummitBlu02 & SummitBlu03:
Power Supply: 300W *115V/230V~60Hz/50Hz
Dimensions: 10.5"x 7.5"x 17" (H/W/D)
Weight: 22 lbs. (unboxed)
SummitBlu04 & SummitBlu05:
Power Supply: 300W *115V/230V~60Hz/50Hz
Dimensions: 14"x 7.5"x 17" (H/W/D)
Weight: 27 lbs. (unboxed)
SummitBlu06 & SummitBlu07:
Power Supply: 300W *115V/230V~60Hz/50Hz
Dimensions: 17.5"x 7.5"x 18" (H/W/D)
Weight: 34 lbs. (unboxed)
SummitBlu08, SummitBlu09, SummitBlu10:
Power Supply: 400W *115/230V~47-63Hz
Dimensions: 23.5"x 7.5"x 16.5" (H/W/D)
Weight: 46 lbs. (unboxed)
Power Supply: 400W *115/230V~47-63Hz
Dimensions: 24.5"x 7.5"x 16.5" (H/W/D)
Weight: 49 lbs. (unboxed)

*If outside U.S. set switch on power supply to local voltage before connecting.

Storage Memory: 500GB

USB 2.0 (optional)

SATA Burner Specs
Write Speeds: BD-R 12x, BD-RE 2x, DVD-R 16x, DVD+R 16x, DVD-R9 8x, DVD+R9 8x, DVD+RW 8x, DVD-RW 6x, DVD-RAM 12x, CD-R 48x, CD-RW 24x.

Writer Buffer: 4MB per burner

Environment: 5°C to 50°C; Relative Humidity: 15% to 80% -40°C to 65°C; Relative Humidity: 15% to 95%.

Supported Formats: BD-ROM, BD-R, BD-R DL, BD-RE, BD-RE DL, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-Video, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+R, DVD+RW, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-Audio Disc, CD-RW, Multi-session Photo CDTM, CD-I, Video CD, CD-ROM XA, & CD Extra (CD Plus).

Supported Media:12cm 25GB BD-R, 12cm 25GB BD-RE, 12cm 50GB BD-R DL, 12cm 50GB BD-RE DL, 12cm 4.7GB DVD-R/RW, 12cm 4.7GB DVD+R/RW, 12cm 8.5GB DL DVD+R DL, 12cm 8.5GB DL DVD-R DL, 12cm 4.7GB DVD-RAM, 12cm 80min/700MB CD-R, 12cm 74min/650MB CD-RW, 8cm 1.47GB mini DVD-R, 8cm 24min/210MB mini CD-R, 8cm 50MB Business Card CD-R.

Duplicator Users Manual

Summit Pro CD DVD Duplicator
SummitPro duplicator series towers are
DoubleBox protected in shipping!
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