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Rimage Video Protect

Rimage Video Protect
Video Protect 100 Credits $85
Video Protect 1000 Credits $680
Video Protect 5000 Credits $2550

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Rimage Video Protect™ Anti-Rip Technology:
Rimage Video Protect provides customers enhanced copy protection, while incorporating updated anti-rip tools that always keep customers one step ahead of piracy.

Rimage Video Protect (RVP) is a fully integrated copy management option for DVD video and is
exclusively available on Rimage Producer™ III and Professional™ series of disc publishers. Content creators, distributors and service bureaus no longer have to choose between the convenience of on-demand production and the security of disc protection. Now, full strength DVD video protection is available on-demand for DVDR’s made on Rimage disc publishing systems.

Rimage Video Protect offers an optimized combination of strong copy protection with very high playback compatibility. Copy controlled discs have full DVD player playability matching that of unprotected DVDR's. Menus, special features and extras remain unaffected. The original media content is not modified and playback quality remains unaffected. Protection is achieved by introducing copy control encapsulation in areas of the disc that are not read by DVD players during playback. RVP is a passive software solution that encapsulates data files on a DVD disc causing access to the content by common ripping programs to be controlled. No software is ever installed on the playback PC.


Rimage Video Protect Positioning Summary:
Rimage Video Protect is ideal for anyone creating video DVDR’s wanting to protect against unauthorized duplication. RVP’s proprietary DVD copy control technology helps film studios and production companies to protect their assets. Copy controlled discs have full DVD player playability matching that of unprotected DVDR's. Menus, special features and extras remain unaffected.

Key Rimage Video Protect Features:
• High Protection Levels
Designed to stop all but the most aggressive hackers, RVP has been successfully tested
against a wide range of commonly available ripping tools.
• Extremely High Playback Compatibility
Proven by Intellikey Labs to have nearly perfect playback compatibility
• Easy, On-Demand “Pay-per-Burn”
No upfront charges for this software option. Users pay only for the discs they burn with RVP
• Tightly and Deeply Integrated into Rimage Software
Tight, low-level integration ensures seamless execution and streamlined workflow when
using QuickDisc(tm) or Rimage Rapid API(tm) authoring operations.

▪ Pre-release Video ▪ Marketing Previews ▪ Corporate & Product Training
▪ Web Fulfillment ▪ Wedding Videos ▪ Non-mass Produced Content
▪ On-demand Video ▪ Screeners ▪ High Value Content
▪ Service Bureaus ▪ Sports Videos ▪ Just-In-Time Releases

▪ Videographers ▪ Content Creators ▪ Service Bureaus
▪ Film Studios ▪ Content Owners ▪ Independent Record Labels
▪ Video Studios ▪ Content Distributors ▪ Law Firms
▪ Corporate Video ▪ Creative Services ▪ Media Producers

Sales of
video DVDs
DVD publishers are concerned with losing revenue because of unauthorized copying:

- Content creators/distributors
- Wedding videographers
- Training companies
Return on investment is maximized by producing discs protected with RVP to prevent lost revenue from unauthorized copying.
DVD video
DVD production companies want to eliminate leaks or piracy of pre-released versions sent to management, advertisers, reviewers or distributors.
Protect against revenue loss and preserve intellectual property and brand image by preventing casual copying and unauthorized distribution with RVP.
DVDs issued by corporations for limited availability, confidential product launches or sensitive training must not be copied or distributed.
Rimage systems with RVP enable companies to control the distribution of published content on DVDs.


Rimage Video Protect
Rimage Video Protect is a software only solution that protects DVD video discs against unauthorized duplication.

Extremely Compatible Playback
Rimage and Intellikey labs continue to test the latest versions of Rimage Video Protect on the latest players. Our goal is to attain 100% playback on all players.

Our last report from Intellikey indicated that Rimage Video Protect is playable on 100% of all players tested, including Microsoft® Xbox 360. As new players are released, and new versions of RVP are developed, we will continue our testing efforts and our goal of 100% playability.

Pay-per-Burn Technology
Rimage is using an innovative USB dongle-based pay-per-burn system to provide maximum flexibility and convenience for any user in any work environment. Any USB stock can be used as a dongle, once the credits have been loaded.

Rimage Video Protect is a feature in Producer Software Suite version 7.5 and later. Rimage Video Protect is licensed on a per disc basis, consuming one protection credit for every disc with RVP. RVP is purchased separately from the Rimage publisher.

Key Features
The copy protection implementation is transparent to playback devices to ensure excellent unhampered playback quality. RVP is a passive solution, with no software ever installed when using a PC as a DVD playback device. RVP controls access by common ripping programs without modifying the original DVD content.

RVP’s copy controls take up a small portion of the DVD storage capacity and are written in areas of the disc that are not read during playback.

Independent test labs have verified that RVP achieves a very high level of playback compatibility with DVDR players and does not install software or modify a user’s system.

RVP is available on the following Rimage systems.
• Producer III systems, Rimage 8100N, Rimage 7100N, Rimage 6100N
• Professional series Rimage 5400N


RVP Dongles
RVP license credits are implemented on the Rimage system through a security device called a dongle. The RVP dongle is a USB flash drive that connects to a Rimage Control Center USB port to authenticate and decrement the RVP credits as consumed. The credits are registered with the Rimage Software Suite’s Production Server by attaching the RVP USB flash drive to the Control Center’s USB port.

When the RVP option is selected, a credit is decremented for each disc recorded with RVP. The status information is obtained through the Rimage System Manager under the Production Server Information.

As new versions of Rimage Video Protect are released, there is no need to replace RVP Dongles. The updated RVP software resides on the control center, and RVP Dongles are generic are not specific to a particular version of RVP.