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Everest III, which is an enhanced version of Rimage's pioneering thermal retransfer printing technology, enables users to create custom, colorful, high-resolution labels bonded directly to the surface of CDs and DVDs - a permanent solution essential for many retail, medical and banking/finance applications. Enhancements include increased color accuracy, added hardware and software functionality, and enhanced ribbon communication, resulting in a combination of unmatched reliability, long print run capabilities, print permanence and the industry's lowest cost per disc.

The Everest III utilizes Rimage's patented retransfer printing process. The CMY panels are first printed to a clear retransfer ribbon inside the printer. Then, using heat and pressure, the printed image and a layer of the clear ribbon are applied to the disc. The finished product emerges dry, durable, and ready to handle. The final effect is amazing - a colorful, high resolution, disc with your choices of photos, graphics, text, bar codes, you name it - in less than 57 seconds.

CD-Designer label creation software is also included with the Everest III. This software allows the you to import graphics and text. Features include serialization, bar codes, and data merging capabilities. However, you don't need to be limited to the tools provided because the printer works well with such industry-standard software as Adobe® Illustrator®, Adobe® Photoshop®, Macromedia® FreeHand®, QuarkExpress®, and CorelDRAW®. Graphic designers can compose labels using their choice of software.

The pigmented ink on the Everest III ribbons is UV protected, ensuring vibrant colors throughout the life of a disc. Everest III disc printing will pass any sunshine or dashboard test you devise - a significant advantage over other disc printers. And because the ink is not water based, you will never see a smeared Everest III disc. Everest III printing also won't scratch off, you'll ruin the disc before you can scratch the label. This enables discs to be used for commercial distribution because Everest III printed discs can withstand the rigors of day-to-day consumer handling.

The Everest III employs an innovative variable dot technology, where the dots composing an image vary in size, resulting in sharper images with greater detail. In addition, the MicroDry ink is actually a thermal resin that contains pigment. This dry technology produces a dot with a fine edge. Consequently, dots per inch, or DPI, does not accurately reflect the print resolution. A better measure is lines per inch (LPI), and that is where Everest III truly shines. Silk-screen printing typically produces 85-120 LPI, and magazines are generally offset printed at 150 LPI. Everest III prints labels at 160 LPI color or monochrome, that is better than silk-screen!

Full color printing for photo-realistic images, monocolor printing for special effects or economy, white media, silver media - all are possible with Everest. The Everest III can print up to 1000 discs unattended, making it perfect for long printing runs. The Everest III printing ribbons are on an easy-to-change carriage so even when a ribbon change is required, it's easy and can be done in less than a minute.

This model is not upgradeable to automation. Click here for more information on the new higher resolution Everest 600. Click Here for information on the AutoEverest III or AutoEverest 600 autoloading disc printer.



- Photo-Realistic Images using Rimage's patented EverestT printing technology-a ground breaking thermal-retransfer system that redefines the industry standard
- Unmatched Durability delivering dependable, lights-out production, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
- MicroDryT variable dot printing delivers images equivalent to 160 lines per inch, a true paradigm shift in technology. AutoEverest blows away traditional screen printing (90 LPI), and eclipses magazine print standards (150 LPI), delivering unequaled CD printing quality
- Innovative White Undercoat Printing is achieved by using an available CMY-White ribbon. This remarkable capability allows you to achieve label effects previously unattainable, including photorealistic printing on silver surface media.

• 600 DPI printing
• 60 seconds
• Full-color print
• Smoother gradients
• More lifelike prints

Printing Method: MicroDryT Re-transfer photo realistic printing
Print Resolution: 160 LPI (lines per inch) Photo Realistic, Variable Dot Technology
Printing Speed (including tray cycle time): 60 seconds or less for CMY color coverage. 66 seconds for CMY+W First print is 5 minutes, which includes warm-up time.
Printing Modes:
Monochrome, CMY, and CMY+W
Print Quality: Equivalent of 300 DPI (dots per inch) using variable dot technology
Media Types: CDs or DVDs with Everest-compatible coating
Ribbons: Monochrome (Black) CMY (Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow) CMY+W (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and White)
Ribbon Capacity: Retransfer Ribbon = 1000 discs or 500 discs Black Ribbon = 1000 discs CMY Ribbon = 500 discs CMY+W Ribbon = 375 discs
Physical Properties:
- Dimensions 9.7" H x 9.4" W x 14.8" D (24.6 cm x 24.0 cm x 37.5 cm)
- Depth with print tray extended - 22.25" (56.5 cm)
- Left side cover open for print ribbon replacement - add additional 9.1" (23 cm)
- Weight: 40.8 lbs (18.5 Kg)
- Weight with packaging: 50.7 lbs (23Kg)
USB 2 (Universal Serial Bus) - B type connector
100 - 120V 500W / 220 - 240V 500W 50 / 60 Hz (manual switching)
Operating Temperature: 59° F to 86° F (15° C to 30° C)
Relative Humidity: 30% to 70% non-condensing
Minimum System Requirements: Windows-based PC Pentium 300 or better with 128MB RAM Windows 2000 Professional or XP Professional USB port Macintosh computer G3 or better with 128 MB RAM Macintosh OS X version 10.3/10.4 USB port
Warranty: One year limited depot (U.S.A.). Service Options: Various Rimage Service Programs are available.

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