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Rimage Allegro 20

Rimage Allegro 20

Simple. Powerful. Inexpensive.
Network Software Included!
Allegro 20 w/ 1 CD/DVD
Burner Integrated
$1495 $1359
Allegro 20 w/ 1 Bluray/DVD/CD Burner Integrated $1682 $1546

Ink Cartridge
Recommended Media


The Rimage Allegro 20 disc publishing system comes complete with industry-leading Rimage software in a cost-effective package – an ideal combination for low-volume, quality disc production. Publish discs with professional, full-color labels using the newest generation of high-speed, high-quality inkjet printing.

Proven, industry-leading software from Rimage is your ticket to success. Rimage Software Suite (RSS) – refined over decades – provides robust and dynamic features for your affordable Allegro 20 disc publishing system. Grant any network user easy access to your Allegro system with the powerful network capabilities of RSS. Web tools within RSS allow remote users to securely access the Allegro system via the internet, without need for software installation. The unique ability of RSS to automatically import, or ingest, data - as well as publish data - makes Allegro a perfect fit for small offices or clinics that receive as well as distribute data.

For higher volume production, see the new Rimage Allegro 100.



• Rimage Software Suite (RSS)- A full set of software tools enabling unique artwork design, job submission, system management, production monitoring and custom application creation

• 20 disc capacity

• Color inkjet printing at up to 4800 dpi

• All-in-one ink cartridge for ease of use

• USB 3.0 connectivity for high speed data transfer

• Internal lighting for status communication

• Optional Blu-ray Disc™ drive

Allegro 20 Print Sample
Rimage Allegro 20 print sample

Includes: Rimage Allegro 20, 1 ink cartridge, and complete software suite.
Input bin capacity: 20 Discs
Output bin capacity: 20 Discs
Print Quality: Inkjet, Up to 4800 dpi, 3 pico-liters droplet size, 5.76 million pixels per square inch pixel density.
System requirements: The Allegro 20 must be connected to a PC that meets the following requirements-
Processor: Dual core (minimum), Core i3 or i5 (recommended).
RAM/Memory: 2GB (minimum), 4GB (recommended).
Fixed Storage: One 7,200 RPM hard drive with 200 GB free space (minimum).
Removable Storage: CD/DVD-ROM
Graphics: 1024x768 screen resolution, 16-bit color.
: Integrated high-speed USB 2.0 port (minimum), integrated high-speed USB 3.0 port (recommended).
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Professional or higher 32/64 bit versions 10, 8.1, 8, 7. Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, Windows Server 2008 R2.
Media: Use only 120 mm optical discs that are coated with an ink-jet printable surface.
Physical size: Width - 15" (38.1 cm), Height - 7" (17.8 cm), Depth - 14.75" (37.5 cm), Weight - 17 lbs (7.7kg).
100-240 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 5 A, 60 W
Warranty: 1 year standard. Extensions and upgrades available.