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Rimage 2000i Series II

Rimage 2000i series II

Simple. Powerful. Affordable.
Network Software Included!

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2000i II w/ 2 CD/DVD
Burners Integrated
$3330 $2500
2000i II w/ 2 Blu-ray/DVD/CD Burners Integrated $3530 $2650

DiscFlow 2.2 client software for MAC $195

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The Rimage 2000i Series II is a simple, out-of-box solution for recording and printing CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray Discs. In a matter of minutes, the Rimage 2000i Series II can be set up and publishing discs. It features durable, all-metal construction, integrated components and robotics, and USB 3.0 support (recommended for Blu-ray publishing)!

The integrated HP CD/DVD/Blu-ray printer offers unsurpassed ink control and superb color management create photo-realistic images, vivid color output and extremely sharp text for quality printing—directly to your disc.

Speed, reliability and a large disc input bin—combined with an innovative ink management system—make the Rimage 2000i the leader in price and performance for desktop systems. An optimized 2-to-1 recorder-to-printer ratio eliminates production bottlenecks and maximizes disc throughput, making the 2000i system ideal for a small office environment. Reliable robotics enable long production runs and uninterrupted usage, while an integrated LCD display clearly communicates status information so you can focus on your work.

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The Rimage 2000i desktop system includes a full set of software to:
  • Monitor production of one or multiple Rimage Blu-ray/DVD/CD duplicator systems
  • Create custom applications
  • Connect to the network

CD Designer - provides users the ability to create, import, and customize graphics to be printed on your disc surface. Features include Simple drag-and-drop operation, Add graphics, text, objects, and photos from almost any source, Supports mail merge options from external data files, includes examples and templates.

QuickDisc - allows operators to assemble and submit projects to their Rimage system. Features include Simple drag-and-drop operation, Supports CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Disc™ printing and recording, Prepare, submit, schedule and monitor job status, Save projects for use in the future.

WebQD - thin client software allowing any computer with a supported web browser to submit jobs (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari).

WebRSM - provides access to all Rimage systems on the network, allowing one operator to control multiple Rimage systems from anywhere on the network.

Production Server - enables asynchronous control of recording, printing and robotic movements, plus the staging of projects. Includes a log file to monitor jobs in process, pending jobs, completed jobs, and canceled jobs. Enables the bulk read feature which allows multiple discs to read and be saved automatically. Allows job streaming of projects for increased throughput.

Software Developer Kit - includes the APIs (Application Programming Interface) and information needed to create custom applications and control any Rimage system. The Rimage SDK is the most robust SDK in its class. It provides a Rapid API and Web Services to develop any application easily.

2000i Print Sample
Rimage 2000i II print sample

Standard System: Two disc recorders, Rimage 2000i autoloader (including internal Rimage 480i printer assembly), 1 set of cartridges, and complete software suite.
Input bin capacity: 100 Discs
Output bin capacity: 100 Discs
Print Quality: Inkjet, Up to 4800 dpi, 3 pico-liters droplet size, 5.76 million pixels per square inch pixel density.
System requirements: The 2000i must be connected to a PC that meets the following requirements-
Processor: Dual core (minimum), Core i3 or i5 (recommended).
RAM/Memory: 2GB (minimum), 4GB (recommended).
Fixed Storage: Two 7,200 RPM hard drives with 200 GB free space on each drive (minimum), configured as RAID 0 with 400GB of free space (recommended).
Removable Storage: CD/DVD-ROM
Graphics: 1024x768 screen resolution, 16-bit color.
: Integrated high-speed USB 2.0 port (minimum), integrated high-speed USB 3.0 port (recommended).
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Professional or higher 32/64 bit versions 10, 8.1, 8, 7. Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, Windows Server 2008 R2.
MAC Client Support (optional): DiscFlow allows Macintosh computers to send disc publishing jobs to the 2000i over the network. The 2000i remains connected directly to the PC. Requires Mac OS 10.
6 or 10.7 (Lion).
Media: Use only 120 mm optical discs that are coated with an ink-jet printable surface. The media in Rimage 2000i Media Kits are designed for optimum print performance.
Physical size: Width - 15.75" (40cm), Height - 21.00" (53.3 cm), Depth - 20.00" (50.8 cm), Weight - 62 lbs (28.12kg).
100 - 240 VAC, 2.7 A, 60/50 Hz
Operating Temperature: 60 to 95 F (16 to 3?C)
Humidity: 40 to 80% non-condensing
Storage Temperature: 5 to 95 F (-15 to 35C)

Warranty: 1 Year standard. Extensions and upgrades available.

Download Rimage 2000i User Guide