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PRV-LX1 DVD Duplicator Review

PIONEER PRV-LX1DW 2 Drive Recorder

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PRV-LX1DW $5970 $4970 BUY
The PRV-LX1DW is the newest professional DVD-Video recorder from Pioneer, the world leader in DVD technology. It features simple operation with a wide range of features and functions that complement any video production environment. This award winning industrial recorder gives you everything you need today, with a future-proof modular design for adding the features you'll want tomorrow. The Pioneer PRV-LX1DW comes equipped with a 120GB internal hard disk drive and two DVD-R/RW recordable drive. The PRV-LX1 is designed to quickly and easily record video from all professional video sources onto DVD-R or DVD-RW media without the need for a PC or authoring system. This industrial recorder is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of video and post-production environments and easily tackles one-step conversion of video assets to DVD, easy authoring of video projects and archiving video to the highly compatible DVD-Video format.

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- Records to DVD-R, DVD-RW or internal hard drive in real time from source video - no authoring required
- One to Six Hour DVD-R/RW Capacity with 32 DVD-Video bit rate settings
- Configurable with optional components, including:- Second DVD-R/RW drive - Serial Digital Interface (SDI) & AES/EBU audio board set
- Hard drive content can be transferred to one or two DVD's at 4x transfer rate (approximately 15 minutes for 4.7GB)
- Selectable menu templates, menu background import function, thumbnail image capture for buttons
- Standard USB mouse and keyboard combination can be used for menu configuration and GUI functions

Audio Format: Two-channel Dolby Digital or two-channel LPCM.
Multiple Drive Functions: Record direct to DVD, to internal 120GB hard drive, transfer from HDD to DVD, record to two DVDs at once, etc.
Analog and Digital Video Inputs/Outputs: Component (Y, Pb, Pr), Y/C, Composite, DV (IEEE-1394)
Audio Inputs/Outputs:
Balanced (XLR), unbalanced (RCA)
Control Interfaces: RS-422A, DV (IEEE-1394)
Network Communications: Ethernet port (100 BaseT)
Machine-to-Machine Control: Batch recording via RS-422A or IEEE-1394 ports with compatible devices