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Primera Bravo 4102 XRP

Pricing on this page is for NEW systems.
We also offer Refurbished Bravo's.
Bravo 4102 XRP offer

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Bravo 4102 XRP w/ 2
Integrated DVD/CD Burners
$3795 $3225
Bravo 4102 XRP-Blu w/ 2
Integrated Blu-ray/DVD/CD
$5495 $4675

Bravo 4102 XRP Series Ink Cartridges
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Blazingly Fast Printing and Robotics

Bravo 4102 XRP Disc Printers and Publishers are some of the fastest in the world today. It takes just 6 seconds to print each disc with near-perfect quality and 100% coverage, you'll be stunned at how fast your jobs will now get completed.

In fact, Bravo 4102 XRP is up to 20 times faster than competitors for similar print quality*, making them the fastest desktop disc printers and publishers in the world.

Disc picking and transport robotics have both been optimized for speed, too. A reliable and rock-solid new belt drive system is fully utilized to deliver 3x times faster robotics than previous models. The belt drive system also gives you smoother and quieter operation.

Hardware Components – Rack Mountable

Bravo 4102 XRP is built with tough, 18-guage steel cabinets with 11-guage steel bezels. Access doors are supplied with locks and keys for maximum security. Supplies replenishment is accomplished entirely from the front, allowing placement virtually anywhere: on counters, shelves and even in racks with optional rack mount kit.

Separate Ink Cartridges for Lower Cost-Per-Disc

Bravo 4102 XRP Disc Publishers offer separate ink cartridges for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK). This lets you replace only the color(s) that need replenishing; saving you money on every disc you print. This is especially true if you use more of one color on your discs than another.

Getting the Discs Out

In applications such as medical imaging and audio/video-on-demand it is imperative that discs are dispensed out the front of the unit. On Bravo 4102 XRP, it's an automatic, built-in feature. On some competitive units you have to manually open a door or a drawer every time – a huge inconvenience if you're doing it all day long.



- Up to 100 Disc Capacity with included Kiosk
    Mode Kit
- Includes burning and printing software for
and Mac.
Extra built-in software applications include:
   PTRip™: robotically "RIPs" your personal music
   CDs and loads them into Apple® iTunes® for
   iPhone®, iPod® and iPod Touch® or Microsoft®
   Media Player.
   PTBackUp™: automatic, scheduled back-ups of
   your files to CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray Discs.
   PTProtect™: prevents unauthorized duplication
   of your valuable DVD video files. Three free
   protections are included.

- 4800 DPI Printing (1 set cartridges included)
- Modular, Stackable Components
- Ruggedized Robotics
- Rackmount Option
- Security Features
- Branded Server Case Available
- Hot Swap Warranty options
- Installation and Training Available
- 1 Year Warranty Standard (Extended & Hot
  Swap Warranties available).

Rackmount Optionally available
for standard 19" 6U mounting.
(XR 4U mount with Kiosk Kit
shown below to illustrate)
primera bravo 4102 xrp-blu

Primera Bravo 4102 XRP Users Manual

Primera Bravo XRP Disc Publisher
Disc Capacity:
100 with included Kiosk
Mode Kit.
Recording Speeds: 40x CD-R, 20x DVD±R, 10x DVD-DL.
Recordable Formats: CD: CD-R, CD-RW, CD-Audio (CD-DA), Video-CD, MP3 to CD-Audio, most other industry-standard CD formats. DVD: DVD±R, DVD±RW, DVD±DL.
Two latest-generation CD-R/DVD-R recordable
drives; optional 12x BD-R drives
Print Resolution: Up to 4800 dpi
Print Head: Semi-permanent; user replaceable
Ink Cartridges:Separate high-capacity ink cartridges for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK)
Colors: 16.7 million
Color Matching: Primera Z-Color™ profile included
Ink Level Warning: Calculates actual number of prints remaining based upon ink usage of graphics being
printed (patent-pending)
Robotics: High-speed belt drive
Indicator Lights: External: Power. Internal: Blue LED lighting is on during normal operation; pulses during low-supplies condition; blinks during error condition
Operating Systems: Windows: XP/Vista/7/8/10. Mac: OS X v10.6 or higher
eSATA Card: Included with Blu-ray models only. Note on hardware compatibility: This eSATA card will work with any desktop PC or desktop Macintosh that has PCI Express card slots. It will not work with PC or Mac laptops, iMacs or other "all in one" PCs. If you have a laptop, you may be able to install an eSATA PCMCIA card or an express card in your laptop (Not included).
Data Interface: USB 2.0 for CD/DVD drives; high-speed eSATA for optional BD-R drives
Minimum System Requirements for PC: Intel Celeron® Processor or higher, 2GB RAM or higher, 10GB or more free hard drive space, available USB 2.0 port or open PCI slot for optional USB 2.0 adapter card (combo cards not recommended), user account with Local Administrator rights. For Blu-ray Disc models, one or two available eSATA ports is required.
Minimum System Requirements for Mac: 1 GHz PowerPC or Intel processor or higher, capable of running Mac OS X v10.6 or higher, 1GB RAM, one available USB 2.0 port, 10GB or more free hard drive space. For Blu-ray Disc models, one or two available eSATA ports is required.
Power: Universal auto-switching 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5.0A
Certifications: UL, UL-C, CE, FCC Class A, RoHS, WEEE
Weight: 40 lbs. (18.14 kg)

Dimensions: 17.5"W x 10.75"H x 16.15"D (445mmW x 274mmH x 410mmD)
Warranty: 1 year