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Primera Bravo 4100 series printing demonstration

Just before Primera officially launched the new Bravo 4100 series of CD DVD Blu-ray publishers and disc printers, they came to our office to give us a demonstration. I had heard rumors about its fast print speed, but I have to admit it sounded too good to be true. I figured it was probably fast but only in a low resolution that nobody would actually use, or that there would be some other trade-off like poor reliability. It wasn't until I saw it perform first-hand that I fully understood how this advancement would impact our industry.

Within a few minutes of her arrival, the Director of Sales had a Primera Bravo 4102 hooked to a laptop and ready to demo it. She didn't have any kind of speech prepared, no powerpoint, no whistles, no bells. She simply clicked 'print' and watched our faces. The reliable autoloader picked up a printable CD from the input bin, like we had seen generations of earlier model Bravo's do many times before, and accurately placed it in the print tray. The printhead started moving a lot faster than we had ever seen it move before. Eyes began to widen and eyebrows raised as the disc tray quickly moved forward. Within 6 seconds there was a full-color, high-resolution, printed CD waiting to be picked out of the tray! I wanted to reach in and grab it so I could take a closer look, but I watched the robot pick it out of the tray and place it in the output bin. The Primera sales rep picked up the disc and handed it to me and my jaw dropped. I passed it around and watched similar reactions from each salesperson as they admired the flawless print. I blurted out "Do it again!" and she obliged.

Everyone in the room began to realize simultaneously that this was going to be big. The previous fastest full-color CD/DVD printers took 45 to 60 seconds to print. I could almost see the sales staffs brains begin to calculate which tower duplicator the Primera Bravo 4101 could keep pace with. Before that moment, anyone wanting to do serious volume duplication in the shortest amount of time had to settle for monochrome thermal printing that took 15 seconds. This was not only faster, but it was full-color! And, for those wanting to do complete CD/DVD/Blu-ray publishing all in one machine, throughput just took a giant leap forward!