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Color Inkjet Disc Printer   $Call

86x61mm Rect Biz Card Adapter   $Call
Saddle/Hockey Rink Biz Card Adapter   $Call
80mm MiniDisc Card Adapter   $Call
The OptiPrinter Pro CD Printer brings professional print quality to the in-house production of CDs and DVDs, delivering outstanding photo-quality images directly onto the surface of discs enabling customers to choose colorful backgrounds and images that reflect their company. The OptiPrinter Pro features HPs’ unique PhotoREt IV color-layering technology which is able to deliver vivid, true-to-life photos. HP PhotoREt IV controls the placement of the 6-inks more precisely than ever before. Each dot is capable of receiving 32 minuscule drops of color, each one precisely positioned to achieve smoother graduations in tone and to virtually eliminate any grain in the printed image. PhotoREt IV can deliver 289 levels of shade for each color (compared with 17 levels in previous generations) and offers a complete palette in excess of 1.2 million colors. The outstanding print quality is also achieved through the clever design of the drawer mechanism, which holds the discs in place to such a high degree of accuracy, that the finest inkjet printing can take place. The drawer mechanism’s superior in/out tray also allows for fast printing speeds.

In addition to 120mm CDs and DVDs, 80mm mini discs and CD business cards can also be printed with the use of optional adapters and unlike most disc printers, the OptiPrinter Pro uses standard HP color , photo and black ink cartridges for the most cost effective printing possible. The OptiPrinter Pro boasts a unique interface making it the easiest to use and most accurate CD/DVD printer by far. The Disc Mask ensures precision printing of designs time after time and the quick and simple calibration process ensures perfect layout. As a desktop printing solution, the OptiPrinter Pro is ideally suited for the low-medium volume/small business user, however, the OptiPrinter Pro can also be easily integrated with a Verity Systems CopyDisc autoloader or automated disc duplicator for fast, unattended printing and duplication of greater quantities, perfect for even the most demanding of professional duplicators. Perfect for printing basic text to true, photo-quality graphics



- Incredible 4800 dpi resolution
- 6-ink printing & small ink-droplet (4 pl) technology for finer printing & quicker drying times
- Uses standard HP ink cartridges
- Easy integration with CopyDisc automated duplicator series
- Print over 400 full coverage discs per cartridge
- Includes easy to use graphics software, Discus & templates for CorelDraw & Photoshop

Media Handling: Inkjet printable CDs, DVDs, CD Business Cards, Mini Discs
120mm CDs/DVDs: Yes
80mm Mini Discs: Option
Rectangular CD Business Cards: Option (61x86mm)
Saddle CD Business Cards: Option (80x61mm & 80x63mm)
Maximum Resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi with 16.7 million colors
Print Speed: 25% coverage Mono @ Normal Text-quality approx. 16 seconds per disc 25% coverage Mono @ Normal Inkjet quality approx. 19 seconds per disc 100% full coverage Color @ Normal inkjet-quality approx. 24 seconds per disc 100% full coverage Color @ Best inkjet-(PhotoREt) quality approx. 52 seconds per disc 100% full coverage Color @ Photo-Quality PhotoREt approx. 134 seconds per disc
Cartridges: Dual Ink Cartridges HP 56 Black Cartridge (C6656) HP 57 Tri-Color Cartridge (C6657) HP 58 Photo Cartridge (C6658) Black & Tri-color cartridges can be fitted to give 4-ink printing (CMKY) or Tri-color & Photo cartridges can be fitted to give 6-ink printing (CMYKLCLM)
Graphics Software Included: Discus (can be used with most graphics programs including CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop, templates provided)
Minimum System Requirements: Windows 2000, Pentium 133 MHz, 64 Mb RAM Windows XP, Pentium 233 MHz, 128 Mb RAM
Interface/Connectivity: Bi Universal Serial Bus. 2.0 Full Speed (USB) Centronics Parallel IEEE-1284 compliant)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 17.6x7.6x14” 447x152x356mm
Weight: 12.2lbs (5.5kg) without cartridges
Voltage: 100-240V 56/60Hz
Operation: PC Required

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