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Linx CD/DVD Duplicator
See new Lightning DC Daisy Chain Duplicator with SATA interface. IDE Linxtower units cannot be chained with SATA Lightning DC units.
LinxTower with 10 DVD/CD Drives  $1120
LinxTower with 20 DVD/CD Drives  $2240
LinxTower with 30 DVD/CD Drives  $3360
LinxTower with 40 DVD/CD Drives  $4480
LinxTower with 50 DVD/CD Drives  $5600
LinxTower with 100 DVD/CD Drives  $CALL
LinxTower with 200 DVD/CD Drives  $CALL
LinxTower with 250 DVD/CD Drives  $CALL
*For quotes on additional multi-tower
configurations, please call us.

2 year warranty. 1st year back to base,
all parts and labor included.
2nd year excludes drives, hard drives and
carriage. Extended warranties available.

U.S. Based,
Quick Response

Mass Duplication Made Easy
The Linx Tower CD/DVD Duplicator is a revolutionary solution what will expand to allow you to link up to 255 ten drive towers to give and incredible 2550 simultaneous target drives.

Easy To Use
Each ten target drive tower is linked to another via a D-sub 15 connection. Once you put a master disc into one of the towers and press copy the data will pass to the next tower through the high performance daisy chain cables. Alternatively duplication can be made from a master stored on the 160Gb hard drive for even fast duplication times. Whether you're a novice of a duplication expert, you'll find Linx Tower to be a great tool because of its speed, accuracy and reliability. Each Linx Tower duplicator can be used as a stand alone DVD/CD Duplicator as well as being linked together to form chains of duplicators. Linx Tower supports up to 48x CD duplication or 16x DVD duplication, depending on the model chosen. A USB 2.0 connection provides you with the option to link to your PC and make one of the CD/DVD-RW drives inside your duplicator tower as an external optical drive. Designed to with-stand 24 / 7 operation and heavy production runs the Linx Tower Duplicators enhanced vented air circulation system means that your towers never require cooling off periods.

2 year warranty. 1st year back to base, all parts and labour included. 2nd year excludes drives, hard drives and carriage. Extended warranties also available.

Fast & Efficient

Rigorously tested for performance and reliability, Linx Towers are manufactured to strict quality control standards with an aluminium case and built in power supplies, delivering enhanced duplication at every level and at all times. Uses NEC Dual Layer Drives.

Throughput Per Hour

No. Drives: 10 20 50 100
700Mb CD: 200 400 1000 2000
4.7Gb DVD: 100 200 500 1000

Add a CD Printer, DVD Printer, or Blu-ray Printer to your operation!



- Mass CD and DVD Duplication
- Expands from 10 to 2550 Drives
- High speed CD-R/RW or DVDR/RW writers including Dual Layer capabilities
- Standalone operation, no PC required
- Easy to use

- Ideal for live events

Operating Type: Standalone (no PC required)
Internal interface: IDE
Targets: 10 targets per tower up to total of 2550 targets
Maximum Writing Speed: 16x DVDR/48x CD-R
Link Type: D-sub 15
USB Connector: 2.0 USB (for connection to 1st target as external drive)
Internal Hard Drive: 160Gb Standard
Power Adapter:
- Input: 100~240V AC
- Output: +5V DC, 3.8A
Operating Temperature: 30F ~ 100F
Operating Humidity: 10% ~ 80% Regulations: FCC, CE, RoHS