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Q. Why aren't there any CD or DVD laser printers?

A. Laser printing technology is not used for printing on CDs or DVDs for these reasons:


  1. Toner dust. If you've ever used a paper laser printer, you know that toner finds it's way into every nook and cranny. Because CDs DVDs and Blu-ray discs are read optically, any particles that find their way to the disc may cause it to not record or read properly. If this dust finds its way to the optics inside of the CD/DVD recorder or CD-ROM drive, the drive may stop working properly too. This is why thermal CD DVD printers use a ribbon instead of loose toner.
  2. Hot fuser. After a laser printer transfers the toner to the paper, it rolls the paper through a fuser that reaches temperatures above 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Granted, the paper rolls through very quickly, which is why it doesn't catch fire, but your typical recordable CD or DVD can't be subjected to that and still be readable. Everest printable discs have a special coating that allows them to withstand the heat of thermal and thermal re-transfer printers.
  3. The disc surface is not uniform. If you look at the top of a typical silver CD-R or DVD-R with a magnifying glass or microscope you will see that it has a lot of imperfections. Due to this lack of uniformity, the resolution of disc printed with a laser printer would be pretty low, like 300 dpi. The manufacturers of high resolution thermal CD DVD printers have overcome this by printing to a transfer film first and then they move the image from the transfer film to a more uniform disc using an acceptable amount of heat and pressure.