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Color Label Printer Price

Color Label Printers for containers

Do-it-Yourself and Save!

No more lead times.

No minimum order requirements.

No obsolete label inventory.

No plate and die charges.

Semi-Automatic Label Applicators
also available!

Inkjet coated high-gloss, semi-gloss
and matte Primera labels.

High-gloss labels are highly scratch, smudge, and water resistant.

Labels as narrow as 0.75" and as wide as 8.50". Max label length 24".

More than 1000 custom labels sizes
are available upon request.

Color Label Printer

Sale $1225
NEW! LX1000
Color Label Printer

Sale $2795
Color Label Printer
Sale $3595
LX500 Bottle Label Printer
LX1000 Bottle Label Printer
Primera LX2000
Primera LX2000
Ideal for short runs of small to medium sized labels.
4800 dpi full-color printing.
Print up to 4.25"
(108mm) wide.
Optional Cutter
Ideal for average runs of medium to large sized labels.
4800 dpi full-color printing.
Print up to 8.25"
(210mm) wide.
Individual ink cartridges.
Prints up to 4” per second in draft mode.
Pigment based for superior liquid & fade resistance.
4800 dpi full-color printing.
Print width 0.75” to 8.25”
Built-in cutter
Wired Ethernet, USB 2.0 or wireless connectivity
Color Laser Label Printer

Sale $10,445
Bottle Label Applicator

Sale $1350
Bottle Label Applicator

Sale $1595
CX1000 Digital Color Label Printer
CX1000 Bottle Label Printer
AP360 label applicator
AP360 label applicator
AP362 Label Applicator
AP362 Label Applicator
Mid-range industrial grade label printer!
For runs of 100 to 10,000 labels utilizing pre-diecut label stock.
Full-color, photo-quality images and bar codes on various substrates including polyesters, papers and more!
Applies single label at a time.
Apply labels at speeds of up to 1200 per hour.
Built-in spring-loaded pressure arm makes sure labels are applied firmly and without wrinkles.
Applies one or two different labels to a single container.
Apply labels at speeds of up to 1200 per hour.
Built-in spring-loaded pressure arm makes sure labels are applied firmly and without wrinkles.
Flat Label Applicator

Sale $2245

Label Rewinder

Sale $695

Matrix Remover

Sale $8595
Primera AP550
Primera RW-7
FX1000 Label Matrix Remover
FX1000 Label Matrix Remover
Applies labels to flat or tapered surfaces.
Applies up to 500 labels per hour.
Built-in spring-loaded pressure arm makes sure labels are applied firmly and without wrinkles.
Makes it easy to rewind large quantities of labels.
Light-weight dancer arm – for use with virtually any desktop label printer.
Easily remove waste-matrix, while slitting and rewinding labels to finished rolls at speeds of up to 98 feet per minute!
Label Dispenser

Laser Marking System

Sale $15,295
RFID Label Printer
Sale $4495
DX850 Label Dispenser
DX850 Label Dispenser
Primera LP130
LP130 Laser Marking System
RX900 RFID Label Printer
RX900 Color RFID Label Printer
Quickly and easily peel and present labels from rolls.
Easy to use – no screws or clamps to adjust.
LED display – with built-in up/down counter for labels dispensed.
Print durable labels for military, medical assets, automotive and more.
Extreme sunlight/UV exposure. Extreme temperatures from -58F to +392F.
Chemicals such as grease, oils, gasoline and more.
World’s first on-demand color RFID label printer!
ISO 18000-6B, ISO 18000-6C and EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2.
Labels from 1" (25.4mm) wide up to 8.5" (216mm) wide.

We offer a great selection of Color Label Printers in 3 main categories: Up to 4.25" wide, up to 8.25" wide, and Up to 8.50" wide Label Press. The new Primera RX900 is the world's first on-demand RFID color label printer! The Primera LX500 is ideal for producing full-color tickets and tags, retail coupons, patient wristbands and much more. The fast Primera LX900 prints up to 4.5" per second in draft mode and utilizes the latest in high-resolution inkjet technology to print brilliant full-color product and barcode labels right in your office or production facility on demand. The Primera PX450 label printing machine is ideal for printing Point-of-Sale coupons, receipts, tickets, name badges, wristbands and other types of narrow-format output. Utilizing one of the highest-resolution color laser engines available, Primera CX1000 and Primera CX1200 give you the quality, speed and flexibility of digital presses costing many times more. The new LX2000 pigment-based printer is ideal for printing GHS stickers. Looking for Primera Labels or Refurbished Label Printers?