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EZ Dupe Magic Review

EZ Dupe Magic

EZ Dupe Magic CD DVD Printer
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The EZ Dupe Magic prints directly onto the surface of your discs with tough, waterproof, thermal transfer ink. Ribbons are available in black or several optional colors.

Simply install the included label design software, enter your information and print.

Professionally label your music, video, data and photo CDs, DVDs, & BD's. Use the printer at your home, school, church or office - anywhere you burn discs.

You'll never have to use sticky labels (expensive, hard to apply and potentially damaging to players) or a marking pen (not very professional looking) ever again!

Use any font that's already on your PC. Upload graphics and logos. Discs are automatically rotated to print in any of four different areas on disc.

Get up and running quickly with the USB 1.2/2.0 interface to your Windows®-based PC.

Great for Blu-ray Printing, DVD Printing, and CD Printing. To burn and print all-in-one see the Primera Bravo series.



The EZ Dupe Magic Printer provides printing in up to 4 sectional areas to create a disc label.

• Top, right, bottom and left areas each covered at 90 degree intervals
• Easy-to-use selection of areas to edit.
Supports creation of Text and Graphics Labels
• Original text labels
• Curved text labels
• Resizable images

Support for Text Label Editing:
• Font setting variations
• Selection of font
• Selection of font size
• Paragraph setting
• Bullets and Numbering Setting
• Tables insertion
• Copy, Cut and Paste features for easy import/export of rich text

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Includes: Magic printer, black ink ribbon, USB cable, U.S. AC adapter, label design software for Windows, Operator's Manual.
Print Resolution: 200dpi
Print Area: 4x90 degree rotation function supports 4 print areas: Top & Bottom Section = 2 x 0.94" X 2.36" (24mm x 60mm). Left & Right Section = 2 x 0.94" X 1.57" (24mm x 40mm).
Input Power Requirements: 100 - 240 V
Output Power Requirements: 24V DC
Power Consumption: max 14.4W
Dimensions of Printer (WxDxH): 9.25" X 7.48" X 2.76" (235mmx190mmx70mm)
Weight of Printer: 2.2lbs (1 Kg)
Operating Temperature: 50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C)
Storage Temperature: 68° to 140° F (20° to 60° C)

The Disc Printer includes one Ribbon Cartridge for monochrome printing.
Ribbon Cartridge: 27.91 ft (8.5m)

Minimum System Requirements
The following are the minimum system requirements for using the CD/DVD Printer:
Operating Systems: The printer’s application software is designed to operate in the following environments:
• Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
• Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Windows ME)
• Microsoft Windows 2000 (Professional)
• Microsoft Windows XP (Home or Professional)
• Windows Vista 32-bit
• Minimum color display of 256 colors
(high color display is recommended) with minimum resolution of 800 x 600 (higher resolution is recommended)
Hardware Requirements:
• Minimum requirements of Pentium 90MHz, 32MB RAM
• CD-ROM drive
• 1 USB 1.2 port (USB 2.0 compatible)
Warranty: 1 year