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CD/DVD SpeedWrapper   $18,899

Plastic Wrapping Sheets   $Call
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The SpeedWrapper, is an automated table top CD DVD wrapper machine designed for overwrapping CD jewel cases, DVD Amaray cases or Blu-Ray cases at high speed with little user intervention.When your output needs the professional edge or simply requires those receiving discs to know they have not been tampered with, wrapping is the ultimate solution. The Speedwrapper is an easy to use, cost effective wrapper which provides a neat even case wrap with perfect seams time after time.

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Easy To Use

The Speedwrapper simply needs a power socket and a roll of low cost polypropylene wrapping sheet to start wrapping cases. Users place up to 25 cases in the input hopper and press the start button. Once operating, the wrapper can overwrap up to 1200 CD, DVD or Blu-Ray cases per hour.

Advanced Technology
The Speedwrapper allow the user maximum control with sealing temperature being electronically controlled and adjustable. For safety, the unit will stop automatically in the unlikely event of a jam. This protects the user and allows them to efficiently proceed with wrapping disc cases with the minimum of trouble.Our CD speedwrapper uses polypropylene rather than cellophane and produces a more professional finish than a CD shrinkwrapper.The Speedwrapper gives a wrapping finish equal to that of CD and DVD found in any retail outlet. Whilst shrink wrapping leaves cases with rough, unsightly seams, the Speedwrapper provides a neatly folded and sealed package.

The optional Upstacker will collect the wrapped media cases and present them in a neat stack or row ready for the operator to lift them from the wrapper in one easy movement.

The Upstacker allows for the automatic collection and saves the operator valuable time. With the use of the upstacker, a single operator can simultaneously feed the input hopper and remove the wrapped cases quickly and efficiently.

A Blu-Ray conversion kit is available if you also wish to wrap Blu-Ray media cases in addition to the standard CD or DVD.

A Nintendo DS conversion kit is now also available for those wishing to automatically wrap DS games and software.

Warranty: One year parts and labour, optional extended warranty available.



* Wrap up to 1200 jewel cases per hour

* Suitable for CD jewel cases, DVD Amaray cases, Blu-ray cases and more

* Gives cases a folded, sealed finish

* Better finish than shrink wrapping

* Fully automated process

* Overwrap up to 1200 cases per hour

* Table Top Overwrapper

* Low cost investment


CD DVD SpeedWrappper

Case Handling:

CD Jewel Cases & DVD Cases


Up to 1200 per hour

Hopper Capacity:

25 Media Cases

Operational Voltage:

200/220V 50/60Hz

Dimensions (WxHxD):

44.5” x 27” x 22.6”
1130mm x 685mm x 575mm

Net Weight:

187lbs (85kg)

Packaged Weight:

364lb (165kg)

Wrapping Material:

Bi-Oriented Polypropylene (OPP)

Wrapping Dimensions:

Roll Length: 1500m / 4291ft
Roll Width: 141-142mm / 5.6"
Roll Diameter - 240mm / 9.4"
(machine will accept rolls up to a maximum diameter of 300mm)

Sheet Thickness:

25 micron

Quantity of DVD per roll: