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Troubleshooting Tips for DVD Duplicators

DVD duplicators can be a great asset to your business or organization. Whether you need to distribute marketing materials or create a training tool for your staff, a DVD duplicator can help you get the job done. DVD duplicators can even be beneficial to your home office—they enable you to back up any important discs you might need for your operation. However, even the highest quality DVD duplicators don’t always work as expected. Before you do anything else, these helpful troubleshooting tips can help you figure it out.

  • It might just be the disc you’re trying to copy. Carefully inspect the DVD disc and look for scratches, smudges, or other marks on the silver underside of the disc. Blemishes like that can prevent the lasers in the DVD duplicator from scanning and reading the disc. This could result in run-time errors or missing data in your final duplicated product. Before you continue, repair scratched DVDs and use a soft cloth to wipe the disc clean of dirt or fingerprints.

  • Your stand-alone DVD duplicator system may simply not be hooked up properly. Generally, the device needs to be powered and connected to a reliable power source. If the device is plugged into a power strip, try connecting it directly to the outlet. This could help prevent any power glitches in the process.

  • Check to see if the media you are trying to copy with the DVD duplicator has a larger file size than the capacity of the disc onto which you are copying the data. This is sometimes a problem when you’re attempting to duplicate high-capacity discs, such as Blu-ray discs, onto standard DVDs. It’s best to be sure that the duplicate media is the same format and capacity as your original DVD.

Choosing DVD duplicators from Summation Technology can help make your business or organization run smoothly. Shop through our selection to choose the DVD duplicator system that’s right for your unique needs—and follow these troubleshooting tips to ensure that everything is always in top working order.