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DVD Duplicators and the Benefits of Mass Media

Mass media has changed rapidly over the past decade with the introduction of new formats that provide greater detail and depth than ever seen before. Digital video discs, however, suffer a similar problem to the older VHS format. When you need to make multiple duplicates, it's either a very time-consuming task or an expensive, outsourced project. DVD duplicators are now available to solve the problem.

Duplication Options
VHS duplication was an easy process that took up a lot of space with bulky equipment. DVD duplicators, on the other hand, take advantage of the compact format. The tower models are small and capable of making 11 or more copies at once. They can be arranged in a chain using simple USB cables for even more processing power. Perhaps the most powerful feature available with modern duplicators is the ability to cross formats. Many duplicators can process compact discs and produce DVDs in the Blu-Ray and other advanced formats.

Who Benefits?
Besides the home-based entrepreneur, many types of organizations can benefit from the addition of DVD duplicators to their network infrastructure. Schools, for instance, often host large events. They outsource videotaping to a third-party who typically charges parents for copies. The school can take on this role and offer copies at cost or possibly use profits from the sale of copies to support school functions.

The same goes for other large organizations and businesses that routinely outsource the making of copies. A wedding planner or birthday party coordinator can easily see growth in revenue by adding this to their list of services. Compact discs and DVDs are now a popular party favor.

Municipal districts often require sharing information with diverse parties in order to attain their compliance on development or remediation projects. Rather than paying professionals to give multiple presentations, a DVD duplicator can be used to spread the message in a way most accessible to diverse populations.

Duplication equipment was once very expensive. Prices have dropped considerably in the last few years, and the equipment is now much more reliable and user friendly. DVD duplicators are often backed by a warranty.