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If label is larger than 15.125", a continuous roll, or for a printer not listed here, please email us for a quote.
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Label Dimension relative to Printer
Label Dimension relative to Applicator
Label dimension relative to Primera label printerFor Primera printers, the width is the dimension from left to right across the face of the printer as shown in the image to the left. The height is the dimension from the front to the back of the printer as the label spools out.
Label dimension relative to Primera label applicatorWhen using a label applicator on a round surface, the width will be the dimension from left to right when the bottle is lying on its side, but this would be the distance from the base of the bottle to the next if the cylinder or container is standing upright. The height of your label when using a label applicator follows the bottles circumference.

Select Printer Model:

Select Label Material:
Select Label Shape:
Enter Width in inches (XX.XX):
Minimum width is .5"
Max width for LX400 & LX500 is 4"
Max width for LX900 & LX2000 is 8"
Enter Height in inches(XX.XX):
Minimum height is .5"
Max height for LX500 & LX900 is 15.125"
Max height for LX2000 is 24"

Number of labels across:
The sum of label width times number of labels across can't be greater than printers max width. There is a .125" gap between the labels across.
Select number of rolls:
Perforations between labels:
Not available for CX1000.
Labels to be applied by:
Rush Order:
Std. lead time if die already exists is 2 weeks. Lead time if a die needs to be made is 3 weeks. Does not include shipping time. If a die does not already exist, the order can't be rushed. See die list.
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please provide it here.