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8(8x) 8P DVD±R* Drives   $CALL
8(8x) 8PRO DVD±R* Drives   $CALL
*AO8 Dual Layer Drive

Extended Warranty   $Call
Network Option   $Call

The CopyDisc 8P from Verity Systems provides the perfect solution to those wanting to produce CD-Rs & DVD±Rs to the highest standard that can equal the quality of the major professional CD/DVD producers. Combining the proven technology of the Rimage Perfect Image Thermal Printer and the Verity Systems range of CopyDisc automatic duplicators, users are assured of quality CD-Rs & DVD±Rs printed with color text and graphics. The automatic operation is simple and effective enabling unskilled personnel to easily operate the entire process. Up to 1100 blank discs can be loaded onto the machine. All command operations are entered via a user friendly control menu. The CopyDisc8P incorporates as standard a 120 Gigabyte hard drive providing ample storage for data and graphics.

Fitted with the Pioneer DVD
±R writers, the CopyDisc 8P DVD Duplicator can duplicate 8 DVD±Rs in 8 minutes at 8x. The CopyDisc8P can be fitted with a combination of DVD±R and CD-R writers. The CopyDisc 8P utilizes a low cost thermal ribbon which can produce 500 color images. Alternatively if a single color ribbon is used, 1500 mono images can be produced. When printing is completed the finished CD-Rs & DVD±Rs are efficiently stacked. The CopyDisc 8P enables unattended operation to be confidently and reliably carried out. The CopyDisc 8P is the most versatile professional CD & DVD duplication and printing system on the market today.

NEW! Fitted with the PowerPRO II thermal CD Printer and the CopyDisc 8PRO is more economical, providing over 2000 images from its black ribbon.



- Duplicates & Prints CDs & DVDs
- Choice of Thermal Printer Rimage Prism Plus or CopyPro's PowerPRO II Printer
- 1100 disc capacity
- 300 dpi print resolution
- Pioneer 8x DVD
- Standalone or Networked
- 120Gb Internal Hard Drive
- Supports all common CD formats

Disc Capacity: 1100 CD-Rs or DVD±Rs
DVD+/-R Throughput: 64 per hour with 8 of 8x speed writers (approx.)
CD Format Support: CD-Extra (Blue Book aka Enhanced CD, CD Plus) CD-ROM Mode 1 CD-XA Mode 2 (Form 1 & 2) CD-DA (Red Book Audio with sub codes) CD-I (Green Book) Video CD (White Book) Mixed Mode Kodak Photo CD Hybrid ISO9660, UFS, HFS etc Playstation (Developer) Rockridge, Joliet CD+G Karaoke (only if fitted with Plextor drives) Single Session MultiSession Track At Once (TAO) Session At Once (SAO) Disc At Once (DAO) Will not verify audio
DVD Support: DVD Video (will not defeat CCSS copy protection) DVD ROM (single layer/dual layer) DVD Audio (where copy protection is not in place) Note: Format Support can depend on drive type and firmware version.
Image Storage: Internal Hard Disk 120 Gigabyte as standard; no limit on number of files stored (subject to hard disk capacity only); 14 character alpha numeric file name; image delete and rename features.
Software Features: Auto format recognition; Batch mode processing duplication; Copy/verify and byte for byte verification; Simulation testing; Advanced system diagnostics; Software firmware upgrades.
Operational Voltage: 110v / 60Hz & 220-240v / 50Hz Switchable
Dimensions: Height: 615mm (24.2") Depth: 480mm (18.9") Width: 830mm (32.7")
Net Weight: 38kg (84lbs.)
Environment: Temperature: 40-95f (5-35c) Humidity: 20%-80% non condensing
Drive Configuration: The CopyDisc 8P has 8 drives and can be configured in any combination. For example: 4 CD-R Drives & 4 DVD±R Drives, 5 CD-R Drives & 3 DVD±R Drives. Please note only one type of drive, either CD-R or DVD±R, can be used in one session.
Printer Type: Rimage Perfect Image CDPR13-C
Print Modes: Full color or one color
Print Quality: 300 DPI
Media Diameter: 120mm (4¾")
Print Area: 115mm (4½")
Media Type: Standard CD-R for monoprint Thermal printable for colour print
Ribbon Colour: YMC panelled ribbon or one color ribbon
Ribbon Capacity: 500 CDs in color mode - 1500 in mono
Design Editor: Perfect Image® CD Designer for MS Windows
Warranty: 12 months back to base, all parts and labor included.
Options: CopyDisc Networking Solutions

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