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CopyDisc Optiprinter Pro   $CALL
CopyDisc1* Optiprinter Pro   $CALL
CopyDisc PowerPro   $CALL
CopyDisc Autoprinter (Prism)   $CALL
CopyDisc P-55   $CALL
*Includes 1 Read Drive for Importing PRN Files
Automated CD and DVD Printing
Manually loading CDs and DVDs into a printer can be a time-consuming and laborious task, especially if your requirement for printed discs exceeds more than ten at a time. The new CopyDisc Platinum Printer Series, offers the perfect solution affording users the ability to print up to 220 discs at any one time.

Interchangeable Printers
Designed to offer maximum versatility, the new CopyDisc Platinum Printer can be fitted with a variety of industry–leading printers to deliver the very best CD/DVD printing solutions on the market. For photo-quality inkjet printing, choose the OptiPrinter Pro, the most cost effective inkjet printer available. Or take the TEAC P-55, featuring the very latest CD/DVD printing technology, delivering the best retail quality output possible. Choose from the PowerPro II or the Prism thermal printers for high-speed, low cost printing. Whatever printer you decide on, you’ll never be tied to it, as all printers are easily interchangeable.

Standalone or Networked
With the exception of the OptiPrinter Pro model, all CopyDisc Platinum printers are operated utilizing Verity Systems advanced networking software – TrueNET 2. which integrates the CopyDisc printer into a users existing network giving access to multiple users. Or connect it directly to a PC via a cross-over cable. The CopyDisc OptiPrinter Pro is available as either a networked unit as described above or as a standalone systems where no PC connection is required to operate it. The standalone model (CopyDisc-1-OptiPrinter Pro) is fitted with one CD-ROM drive for the loading of PRN (print files) onto the internal hard drive. This model also includes an ink level detection system. Users can now see, via the LCD panel, exactly how much ink remains in their black and color cartridges as a percentage of the total ink capacity (e.g. Black 85% Color 83%). The detection system can also be set to stop printing as soon as the ink cartridges fall below a certain level, adjustable from 0% to 5%. If the ink detection level is set at 3%, as soon as the either one of the cartridges has reached 3%, the printing will stop. The result …. no more wasted discs!



- Print hundreds, even thousands of CDs/DVDs unattended
- High Quality Interchangeable Printers
- Standalone and Network Systems
- Perfect for Office and Production Environments
- Sturdy and Compact Design
- 220 Disc Capacity

Disc Capacity: 220
Standalone: CopyDisc-1-OptiPrinter Pro only Network Enabled Versions: all models – with TrueNET 2 (optional on CopyDisc-1-OptiPrinter Pro)
Hard Drive: 120Gb
Business Card Compatible: No
Printer Configurations:
- OptiPrinter Pro Inkjet
- Power PRO II Thermal (Black only)
- Prism Plus! (Thermal Black & color)
- TEAC P-55 (Thermal re-transfer – photo-quality) Dimensions: (WxHxD): 21 x 24.5 x 28” 540 x 627 x 711 mm
Environment: Temp: 40-95f (5-35c) Humidity: 20-80% (non-condensing)
Net Weight (without printer):
- Networked 53lbs (24kg)
- Standalone 60lbs (27kg)
Printer Net Weight:
- Optiprinter Pro: 12.2lbs (5.5kg)
- Power Pro: 33lbs (15kg)
- Autoprinter (Prism): 18lbs (8.2kg)
- P-55: 48.5lbs (22kg)
Voltage: 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz Switchable
Disc Formats:
- CD: CD-ROM (Mode 1 & 2); CD -XA Mode 2 (Form 1 & 2); Photo CD; Video CD; CD -Extra
- Other formats such as CD+G (karaoke) & CD-I may also be supported with some models. Please ask for details.
Print Modes:
- Optiprinter Pro: 4-color or 6-color Monochrome (Black)
- Power Pro: Monochrome (Black)
- Autoprinter (Prism): 3-color (CMY) or Mono Color (Black, Red or Blue)
- P-55: Color, Photo or Black
Printing Resolutions:
- Optiprinter Pro: 4800 dpi
- Power Pro: 600 & 300 dpi
- Autoprinter (Prism): 600 & 300 dpi
- P-55: 400 dpi – Real Photo Graphics
Consumables Disc Capacity:
- Optiprinter Pro: Cartridge Set - 450-750
- Power Pro: Monochrome - 2000+
- Autoprinter (Prism): Color - 500; Monocolor - 2000+
- P-55: 400 dpi - 500 images per ribbon (color/photo/transfer); 2000 images per ribbon (black)
Print Speed:
- Optiprinter Pro: 60 sec per disc (photo)*
- Power Pro: 15 sec per disc (mono)*
- Autoprinter (Prism): 15 sec per disc (mono)*
- P-55: 400 dpi - 120 sec per disc (photo)*

*Print speed will vary depending upon system, application, printer driver settings, image & coverage.

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