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Which CD Duplicator System is Perfect for Your Needs?

Back in the days of VHS, it was a pain to coordinate two VHS players in order to get a single copy. For larger jobs, most people simply used a mail-order service with mixed results. Those same mail-order services are still available for duplication of disc media, but you can accomplish the same results with a CD duplicator.

You might be wondering whether you couldn't simply use the read and write drive on the home or business computer to make copies. While technically possible, this is a bad idea when multiple copies are required. Disk drives have a limited lifespan, and many are integrated into the computer, which makes replacement difficult. It's best to use a CD duplicator for multiple copies.

Choosing a Duplicator

Most duplication devices on the market now handle at minimum CD and DVD formats. Some expand to cover more advanced formats, such as Blu-Ray and high-definition video. It's best to begin with a summary of your needs.

A wedding planner might choose an automated CD duplicator with printer. This would provide the ability to quickly make copies of wedding video or song lists. Each copy would have the personalized inscription printed onto the CD or DVD surface. Any service that outsources these tasks will find it affordable and potentially lucrative to start in-house copying and printing.

For those with smaller needs or just looking to get their feet wet, a manual tower can provide one-to-one CD and DVD burning for under $200. Manual burners come in multiple sizes, and they are the most affordable on the market. However, they don't offer the printing capabilities of automated units, which makes them a better choice for non-commercial use.

Exploring CD Duplicator Technology
A basic unit includes two CD drives, one of which may be read only. Larger towers can hold up to 11 drives each for faster processing of orders. Some towers can be linked together via USB cables for the fastest processing. Automated units are the most advanced. A robotic arm loads blank CDs into the drive, so you don't have to manually operate the CD duplicator!