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Blu-Ray Printer Fact Sheet

Blu Ray Printer

Welcome to your best source for the Blu-ray printer. Here are some facts about Blu-ray high-definition technology:

  • An optical disc storage medium Blu-ray was designed as an improvement over the DVD format.
  • The term “Blu-ray” comes from the technology used to read the disc, the blue laser, which provides more storage than is available on a DVD.
  • A group called the Blu-ray Disc Founder Group came into being in 2002, when it comprised Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Hitachi, Sharp, Samsung, Philips, Thomson, and Lucky GoldStar (LG) Electronics. In 2004, it became the Blu-ray Disc Association, allowing more companies to participate. Contributors today are many.
  • Capacity for the Blu-ray disc is 25 GB for single layer storage and 50 GB for dual-layer storage.

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DVD Printer Features

DVD Printer

It’s not always easy to make the purchase, especially if you are new to this area of technology. If you are considering either a Blu-ray printer or DVD printer, let us know if you would like to discuss your needs and your options with one of our experts. We have been in this business a long time and specialize in all equipment offered for purchase. So we are more than happy to review the details with you. We can sift through your situation, objectives and other variables and help you select the equipment that will work best for you. You can begin vetting DVD printer features with this short list, or just give us a call today and ask to speak with a Summation Technology expert.

Possible features (depending on make and model) include:

  • Manual, auto or burn and print capabilities
  • Color options such as three color thermal or broad spectral options
  • Personal computer compatibility
  • Disc capacity
  • Number of discs processed per hour
  • Number of disc burners (on the burn and print models)
  • Make - Epson, Rimage, AutoEverest, and others

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