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The Rimage Autostar II is a robotically-controlled CD-R or DVD-R publisher with a choice of disc printing technologies. The system records and prints each disc, then stacks the finished discs in one of the output bins for easy unloading. The robotic transporter, which consists of a lift arm and removable carousel, can retrieve and stack up to 300 discs without operator intervention. You can print discs in black, one color, or many colors. The Autostar II comes with either the Everest II Printer or the Rimage Prism Printer. With the provided label editor, CD Designer, you can create custom labels in a variety of text and graphics images. With the Perfect Print™ feature, you can rotate the position of the disc and print custom labels on pre-printed discs. The Rimage Autostar II is a fully automated, networked single drive disc duplication and publishing solution featuring premium quality, high-reliability Rimage robotics. The Protégé II is designed for non-stop 24/7 production environments. The large 300 disc input bin provides the ability to schedule and run multiple large jobs overnight in unattended mode. The Autostar II offers the user to configure the system with either a CD or a CD/DVD recorder. The Autostar II also offers a choice in print technology. The Rimage Everest II provides the industry's best print quality and print durability. The PrismPlus! delivers fast, low cost per disc printing. In addtion, the PrismPlus! offers PerfectPrint - the ability to add precision printing on pre-silk screened discs.

Autostar is expandable to 2 Loaders. 4 DVD drive limit per controler.



- Stellar Performance that pushes the envelope in customizable CD and DVD production.
- Industry-Leading Throughput creates scores of unique CDs in minutes, utilizing Rimage's patented data-streaming technology.
- Photo-Realistic Images using Rimage's patented Everest™ printing technology- a ground breaking thermal-retransfer system that redefines the industry standard.
- ProNET Software Platform is the next generation, all-encompassing software suite. The multi-functional platform provides unmatched performance in the production of CD-Rs and DVD-R/+Rs. ProNET provides all the tools necessary for disc duplication and disc publishing, with simplified integration into existing systems.
- New Design featuring a fully enclosed system for unmatched safety and efficiency.
- The Imaging Server Software can create ISO 9660 images (Level 1; Level 1, Relaxed; Level 2, Joliet). Macintosh HFS, Hybrid ISO 9660/HFS and ISO 9660 with Apple® Extensions images.

Standard System: Four disc recorders, Rimage Autostar II autoloader, Everest II or PrismPlus! printer, Producer software suite, Rimage Software Development Kit
Software requirements: Requires Producer 6.0 or above
Input bin capacity: 300 Discs
Disc capacity: 400 disc capacity with four 100 disc bins configurable to input/output/reject
Physical size:
- Width - 15.5" (39.4cm)
- Height - 28.3" (71.9 cm)
- Depth - 24.0" (61.0 cm)
- Weight - 95 lbs (43 kg) w/PrismPlus!
- Weight - 121 lbs (55 kg) w/Everest II
Standard System specifications:
- Processor: Intel Pentium III 933 MHz,
- 133 MHz Front Side Bus
- RAM/Memory: 512 Mb, DDR-200
- Fixed Storage: One Ultra ATA/133 with an 8 MB Cache Buffer, 7,200 RPM (no master/slave configurations)
- Graphics: 1024x768, (32 bit color), 60 Hz
- I/O: One USB port, 1 FireWire Port, One 9 pin RS232 serial port
- OS: Windows XP
Enhanced System specifications:
- Processor: Intel Pentiium 4, 1.8 GHz, 400 MHz Front Side Bus
- RAM/Memory: 512 MB, ECCDDR-200
- Fixed Storage: Up to 6 18 GB, SCSI, 15,000 RPM, Ultra160 SCSI
- Graphics: 1024 x 768 (32 bit color), 60 Hz
- I/O: One USB port, 1 FireWire Port, 1 9 pin RS232 serial port
- OS: Windows XP
Features: Data Streaming (with Enhanced System Requirements) Network ready
Supported Clients: Windows 2000, XP, Mac OS 10.2
Power: 100 - 240 VAC, 4.7 A/3.7 A, 60/50 Hz
Operating Temperature: 60° to 86° F (16° to 30°C)
Humidity: 40 to 80% non-condensing
Storage Temperature: 5° to 95° F (-15° to 35°C)

Standard Control Center:
- 2.4GHz Pentium Processor with 1MB of L2 cache
- Windows XP Professional
- 512 MB of DDR-400 memory
- 10,00 RPM Serial-ATA Hard Drive
- Built-in Gigabit interface controller
- High Performance Control Center option available

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