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Your Source for DVD Duplicators

DVD Duplicators

DVDs are used for a variety of purposes, including computer data storage and video. Many companies need to copy DVD for internal and external distribution. DVD copiers are used every day to distribute data such as:

  • Video depositions
  • Photography proofs
  • Large projects and presentations
  • Highlights of meetings or seminars
  • Data back ups

Because the DVD-ROM and the video DVD have both become important ways to store and transfer information, many companies now need DVD duplicators. If your company is ready to purchase such a device, turn to Summation Technology for the equipment and blank media you need. We also have CD duplicator items and accessories so be sure to check them out by using the navigation on the left side of this page!

Choosing among DVD Copiers

DVD Copiers

The first thing that you will need to determine is how many DVDs you expect to copy on a daily basis. If the number is very small, then you probably can get by with one of the economically priced DVD copiers on the market. Often in the video industry, units that only duplicate one or two DVDs at a time are called copiers while towers that have banks of 3 to 11 DVD writers are called duplicators, but they are essentially the same thing. In these tower arrangements the blank discs need to be manually loaded and recovered after each round of duplication. Many times there is an option to include a hard drive in DVD duplicators that can store information that you know you will be copying over and over again. It is important to remember that copiers and duplicators only record information; they do not print labels on the discs. If you need to print on your DVD as well, you will find several great DVD printers at Summation Technology. For companies that need larger runs of DVDs disc publishers, automated systems that can be loaded with 25 or more blank DVDs at a time, are probably the best option. Many of these units both duplicate information and print labels on discs. If you are still unsure which type of DVD duplication equipment you need, please call Summation Technology at 1-888-340-3738 and talk to a Blu-Ray, DVD and CD Duplicator professional.

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