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Manual and Automated DVD Copiers

DVD Copiers

At Summation Technology, you will find respected brands such as Rimage and Primera. We offer both manual and automated DVD copiers. Manual units require you to physically load and unload each individual disc writer in the tower. Tower are available with anywhere from one to eleven writers, with three and five being common configurations. Linxtower systems allow you to connect towers together and create banks that can simultaneously burn hundreds of DVDs. Automatic systems require you to load them with a stack of up to 400 discs and turn on the machine. It will systematically burn each disc in the stack. Many also incorporate DVD or CD printers, these are referred to as disc publishers, so that the entire disc creation is automatic.

It is important to note that unless you look specifically for publishers DVD and Blue-Ray duplicators do not print visual information on the surface of the discs. They only copy the digital information.

Cutting Edge Blu-Ray Duplicators

Blu-Ray Duplicators

Summation Technology can connect you with the Blu-Ray copiers that you need to be able to produce batches of state of the art video discs. As the US nears the conversion to digital broadcasts and leaves the NTSC standards behind, more and more people are turning to Blu-Ray. The format wars are over and Blu-Ray is the format for high definition DVDs. Securing your Blu-Ray duplicators now from Summation Technology will guarantee that you are ahead of the curve in February when analog broadcasts cease. Now that people no longer need to guess which format will achieve dominance, more and more of your customers will be expecting Blu-Ray discs. Of course, there will still be many uses for CDs and DVDs, particularly with computers & we also offer quality DVD duplicator and CD duplicator equipment.

DVD and CD Printers

Professional looking DVD and CD printing is easier than you may think. Because the discs are the same size, disc printers can print both CDs and DVDs. Most CD printers connect to your computer like a normal paper printer and are just as easy to use. Images can be created with many popular imaging programs and are printed on discs just as you would print a digital photograph.

Summation Technology is waiting to help you with the Blu-Ray and standard DVD copiers and printers you need to produce professional audio, video and data discs.

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