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DVD Copier Makes It Easy...Why?

DVD Copier

There are several reasons to choose DVDs and CDs over tapes when your church or non-profit group has video or audio material to copy and distribute. A DVD duplicator will be able to make copies of both CDs and DVDs that contain computer files, or audio and video for backup or for distribution. One machine will be able to take care of all of your duplication needs. They are also usually much quicker and more accurate than tape based systems. A CD, for example, might be able to be copied at 48 times its normal playing speed, which is much faster than high speed tape duplication and does not place any stress on the disc. In today's marketplace, blank CDs and DVDs are usually cheaper than tape and will not wear out as quickly. A DVD copier is a great addition to your office. It could be used by a church to create extra copies of back up computer files, duplicate videos of church activities and quickly copy audio CDs of sermons for members unable to attend. Several models are available that can copy from one to eleven discs at a time. We also carry a variety of DVD printers. Take a look at our wide selection of products today and give us a call with any questions you may have before purchasing your new DVD copier.

Selecting a DVD Duplicator We Can Help!

The prime consideration in selecting DVD duplicating equipment will be the number of DVDs or CDs you require on a daily or weekly basis. Basic tower style systems that connect several DVD drives, like those found in your computer, from Summation Technology can copy from one to eleven discs at a time. When copies are needed, each drive in the DVD copier must be manually loaded and unloaded. The discs will also not be printed or labeled. If printing is required, Summation Technology suggests a disc printer that prints material directly on the surface of the CD or DVD for the most professional look. Adhesive labels are easy to produce but can separate from the disc, and if this happens while it is being used it cause problems with CD and DVD players. If you have a larger operation that needs many discs each week, a special type of DVD duplicator known as a publisher may be the best option. A publisher will automatically load and unload a duplicator and most also contain a disc printer, so you can easily create batches of professional CDs and DVDs.

Turn to Summation Technology for the top brands such as Primera and Rimage and our own house brand. We can connect you with efficient DVD and CD duplicator equipment.

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