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Essentially there are two ways to print of CD and DVD discs. CD printing is generally either thermal or inkjet. Each requires starting with a disc designed for the process. Thermal printing starts with blank silver discs and generally creates a monochrome (typically black) design onto the surface. Inkjet CD printers are able to produce full color images. The CDs have white faces, like a piece of paper, before printing. Photographic images can be placed on these disks in the same basic way as an inkjet paper printer works. Most printers connect to your computer and you transmit imagery to them as you print to a normal paper printer. Disc image preparation is very similar to designing any image and many general use programs already have disc templates. Summation Technology can connect you with both thermal and inkjet printers and media.

Styles of CD Printers

Once you have determined which type of printing is best for your operation you need to determine which style of printer is best. Manual units require you to load and set up each disc that is printed. If nearly every CD you print is unique, such as photographers creating digital albums or companies that create personalized bids or reports, this style of CD printing may be best for you. Automatic printers are able to create batches, which is obviously a better option for any manufacturing larger groups of discs.

Summation Technology is ready to connect you with the CD printers you need for professional, efficient results. Please call us at 1-888-340-3738 with any questions about which of our CD printer or CD duplicator products is right for your needs.

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