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CD Duplicators for Mass Copying

CD Duplicators

Even with the advent of Blu-Ray DVDs and Blu-Ray duplicators, there are still many uses for the original compact disc format. CDs can hold all sorts of digital information, including audio and even video. In fact, a standard CD can be used to hold one hour of high quality mpeg-1 video footage (this is called a VCD). CD duplicators are used by many companies to create everything from sales presentations to standard audio CDs. Summation Technology can connect you with a duplicator to help you easily mass produce the discs you need. For a truly professional appearance, we can also help you choose a CD printer that will print directly onto the face of your discs. We can also provide the blank media you need. From one or two CDs at a time to modular towers that allow you to produce hundreds of CDs an hour, Summation Technology has the equipment you need.

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CD Printers

Professional Results with a CD Printer

CD Printer

A common question we are asked is why printing is necessary. Many feel that if their material is only going to be internally distributed a printed self-adhesive label is sufficient. However, there are many problems with these labels. Not only can they disrupt the balance of the disc (which is a problem as it revolves hundreds a times a minute), they can separate and get stuck inside a player. A CD printer does not need to be expensive. If you only need simple labels, consider a thermal (black on silver style) unit. If you wish your discs to have a full color image inkjet models are also available. Setting up an image for printing is no more complicated than setting up any other page for print.

Summation Technology has the CD duplicator equipment and printers you need, whether your goal is to internally distribute important files or to set up your own music label.

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