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CD Duplicator Equipment

CD Duplicator

Many Summation Technology customers need a bit more out of their duplication equipment. One popular upgrade from the CD duplicator models discussed up to this point is the move to a disc publisher. A publisher, which is an automatic style of machine, both duplicates information and prints labels directly onto the face of each CD. If you need batches of professional looking CDs then publishers are your best bet. Another alternative to a CD copier is a DVD copier. All DVD duplicator equipment will be able to also duplicate (and print, if printing is part of its capabilities) on CDs as well. If you mainly use the CD format but occasionally need to produce DVDs or plan a future switch, it may be in your best interest to make the jump to DVD equipment now. No matter what you decide is best for your company, Summation Technology is your source for quality CD and DVD duplicators and DVD and CD printing equipment.

Choosing Your CD Copier

CD Copier

At Summation Technology we have several CD duplicators available from trusted brands such as Primera and Rimage. Even though many choices are available, it is fairly easy to select the right CD copier for your needs. It basically boils down to how many discs you need to produce on a daily basis. If your needs are fairly light and you have the personnel available to load and unload your machine, a small tower may be right for your application. Towers connect a main CD drive to anywhere from one to eleven (or more) writers. If you need larger batches or need the discs to copy while unattended automatic CD duplicator models are available that can be set to up to 400 discs. You merely load a stack of CDs, set up the copying program and leave. Of course, these models tend to be more expensive than manual units. It is important to note that we are discussing units that copy the digital information onto the CDs; these units do not generate labels. We do have CD printers available, however. If you are interested in Blu-Ray duplciation, be sure to check out our Blu-Ray duplicators pages for more information.

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