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Even though they say you can not judge a book by its cover, almost everyone does. If your discs are not professionally printed, many people will assume that your content is amateurish as well. Luckily, Blu-Ray printing is not at all difficult when you partner with Summation Technology. We have the printable discs and easy to use equipment, like Blu-Ray copiers, you need for high quality results. Many of our Blu-Ray printers are every bit as easy to use as a standard paper or photograph printer. You prepare your files and send them to the printer as you normally would. Instead of loading in paper, though, you fill the unit with our printable Blu-Ray DVDs. Your result will be virtually indistinguishable from the video products put out by the largest film distributors.

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There are basically two considerations to address when you are ready to choose a Blu-ray printer. First of all, how many discs to you need to print? Printing is often a bit slow when compared to printing on paper and you need to keep this in mind when selecting the equipment for Blu-Ray printing. The second consideration is quality. Print quality is expressed in DPI, just like in a plain paper or photograph printer, and the higher DPI the better the image. If you only expect to need to print a small amount of DVDs, there are many Blu-Ray printers available. However, if you need to produce larger numbers you may want to consider an automated printer or publisher. Automation will allow you to set up the print sequence in advance with a stack of discs and allow the machine to work without an operator. A publisher is a combination unit that will not only print on the surface of your discs but also copy your video as well. It is the best option for anyone that needs to constantly create discs because publishers can be left alone to create batches of 50 or more as your staff works on other projects. No matter what your needs, Summation Technology can connect you with the Blu-Ray, DVD, and CD duplicator equipment you need.

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