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Blu-Ray Copiers at

Blu-Ray Copiers

Summation Technology is your source for CD and DVD duplication equipment and blank media, including the powerful Blue-Ray brand. Our professional staff is available at 1-888-340-3738 to answer your questions, and to ensure that you get the right products for your needs. One of the biggest questions we are asked is what is the difference between Blu-Ray duplicators, copiers, publishers and printers. It really is pretty easy to tell them apart. Basically, it can be summed up as follows:

  • Copiers transfer information one disc at a time
  • Duplicators copy information to multiple writers at once
  • Printers transfer text and artwork to the disc surface
  • Publishers copy both information and artwork, usually automatically

Blu-Ray copiers and duplicators deal with the content of the discs while printers take care of the appearance and publishers do it all. If you need to produce only one or two copies of a Blu-Ray DVD on any given day, Blu-Ray copiers are right for you, particularly if you do not care of the surface contains artwork. If you need small batches and can spare someone to monitor the process and change discs when necessary, duplicators are probably right for you.

Blu-Ray Duplicators and Publishers for large quantity needs

Blu-Ray Duplicators

What is best for your application if you need larger quantities of discs frequently? It depends. Blu-Ray duplicators will copy up to about five discs at a time. When they are done, they need to be removed and replaced (if more are needed) by hand, causing more work time. Publishers are much more expensive but they have two great advantages. First, they eliminate the need for a separate printer. Second, they automate the process allowing you to place a stack of 25 or 50 discs in the unit and go about your business. Later, you return to a stack of printed, duplicated discs ready to be packaged.

Whether you need to look at entry level Blu-Ray copiers or the fastest publishers available, Summation Technology is not only your source for CD duplicator equipment but for the Blu-Ray equipment you need to stay current as the nation switches from NTSC to high definition video. Please continue to browse our site for more information and product selection and let us know if you have any questions!

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