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Why a Blu-Ray Copier?

Blu-Ray Copier

In February of 2009, the United States will switch from the NTSC broadcast standard to a new, digital standard that supports high definition, or HD, broadcasting. This is bringing many changes to the television and video industry. Standard DVDs do not hold enough information to fully utilize the advantages offered by HD. Two new formats, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, have been vying to become the standard for DVDs. Until now, it has been difficult to decide if you were best off purchasing an HD-DVD or Blu-Ray duplicator. It was a situation much like the VHS and Beta format battle of the early 1980s. The backers of the HD-DVD format have recently decided to withdraw support, though. Now is the time to switch to a Blu-Ray copier. Even though standard DVDs will be supported by most of the new players, they will still be using the NTSC standards and their video will not fill the wider screens of high definition televisions. Your clientele will be expecting HD compatible video in the very near future. Now is the time to acquire the Blu-Ray printer or duplicator you need so that you will not be caught behind the times. Making the Blu-Ray switch now will not only keep you competitive it will also allow you plenty of time to adapt to the new technology before it is absolutely mandatory.

Your Blu-Ray Duplicator Options

Blu-Ray Duplicator

If you are already involved in video duplication, you will have a very good idea of your requirements. If a three at a time style DVD duplicator has always been adequate for your needs, a similar Blu-Ray duplicator is probably best as well. However, if your DVD or CD duplicator equipment has been pressed to keep up with your needs or you now realize you over-bought for your operation, this is a great time to connect with the proper technology. If you never need to make more than a couple discs a day, a single bay Blu-Ray copier should be sufficient. If you need more, multi-bay duplicators and automated publishers are always available as well. Summation Technology has the right unit for your operation. If unsure, call 1-888-340-3738 and allow our friendly experts to assist you in your selection.

Quality Blu-Ray Printer Units

Do not forget about on disc printing. Summation Technology also offers Blu-Ray printer models for professional looking results. ON disc color printing will help your work stand out.

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